When you are on vacation or on a weekend in Dajuma, everything is done to help you unwind and discover new ways of living, closer to nature and people. Among all the possibilities for a change of scenery offered by the hotel, there is the ritual of the floating breakfast, particularly appreciated by our customers. This is what our loyal customers Clément and Amanda had the pleasure of sharing at sunrise in the Bendega swimming pool, served by our lovely Leli. An original and relaxing way to have breakfast, isn’t it? Just try next time you visit us.


As Bali prepares to reopen its borders to foreign tourists in early 2021, Dajuma is delighted to welcome local families in the meantime who are taking full advantage of our facilities. They particularly like our Bendega infinity pool with its waterfall, its long swimming lane, its suspended whirlpool and… its slide. Not to mention the unforgettable sunsets that are so pleasant to contemplate while enjoying a delicious cocktail on the pool deck or on the beach directly. Get ready to join us for the end of year celebrations!


What is the best time to enjoy a delicious cocktail in the tropics? It is undoubtedly the “happy hours” of Dajuma. Imagine yourself comfortably seating in the gazebos of our tropical garden or on the underwater stools of our pools, with the sun declining on the horizon. Because Dajuma is oriented full west, with breathtaking sunsets that you will never forget. Our bartenders love to surprise you with every day new creations that enrich an already busy cocktail menu. Something we would much like to introduce you to on your next visit. See you soon!


If there is one thing to bring to the Hall of Nautical Games, it’s definitely the toboggan! Everybody remembers from the childhood the mix of fear and exitement when one discovered for the first time this slope full of water. This is exactly what our guests are saying about out slide linking the 2 pools of our Bendega swimming pool. Kids and parents enjoy a lot this unusual pool with its 45 meters long swimming lane, suspendend whirlpool tub and the famous slide. Not to be missed next time you decide to visit us!


Among many assets, Dajuma offers to its guests a lot of places in its 1,5 ha tropical garden where the master words are RELAX and UNWIND. Let’s have a look at these places: along the 200 meters seashore, just a few steps from the beach, comfortable long chairs, hammocks, swings and Gazebos await your visit with a breathtaking view of the ocean. Even when the hotel is full you will always find a tranquil place where to relax. A little bit higher, our Bendega Pool deck is also another place to visit: overlooking the fishermen beach and the Medewi surfing spot, you will be fascinated by the mouvements of the fishing boats and the surfers. But the cherry on the cake is definitively the sunset. Fully oriented West, the entire property offers unforgettable sunsets. Looking forward to welcoming you soon!


My name is Aristide and I am only 6 months old.
My father loves surfing the Medewi wave near Dajuma but he is also taking good care of me.
What I love above all is to have a little nap on my surf board in the Bendega pool.
My father says that it will make me a good surfer in some years. Aahhh what a beautiful life!


Our Bendega Villas will officially open their doors on May 1st but our guests could not wait until then and decided to test the water slide connecting the 2 new pools immediately. A nice moment of relax reminding our childhood! With its 45 m lane leading to a first 16 x 8 m basin and a whirlpool tub, the water slide connects to another basin located 2,5 m below. A nice waterfall overflows from the whirlpool tub to the second basin. In total 570 m3 of prestine water flowing continously by gravity exactly like a natural river, which saves a lot of energy.

Children Paradise

Many of our guests tell us that Dajuma is just like a paradise. It is very kind of them to give such an opinion because it was one of the reasons why we decided 15 years ago to establish the resort in this place, at a time West Bali was just ignored by tours operators, guides… and tourists.
But what makes us so happy today is the way children are spending their time in Dajuma: the combination between sea, beach, garden and pool is just perfect for them. The cape at low tide is like a natural aquatic garden where they can explore the underwater life by looking at the volcanic holes visited by fishes, crabs, corals, shrimps and other seaweeds. And for those parents who need to relax and recover from their busy professional life, we offer a baby sitting service.
On the picture, the gracious Mia, a lovely 5 years girl, is dancing with the ocean on the beach, just before sunrise


This young girl enjoy playing a lot around the statue which adorns our 20×10 m overflowing swimming pool.
She seems willing to make a new friend, active as pouring water, but quite impressive as it does not move.
An opportunity to compare this strange but beautiful Lady with the woman she would like to become later ?


We recently changed the edge of our 20 x 10 m overflowing swimming pool for a natural stone from India which is just incredibly beautiful : the color of the stone is changing all the time, depending on  the light and the quantity of water on it.
From golden irisations to  purple reflects passing through silver shimmers, it is a real pleasure to stay on the edge of the pool.
Hope you will like it!