What could be more enjoyable than discovering Bali by bike? This is what we offer our guests from Dajuma for excursions from the quietest to the most sporty. One of the most popular with our clients is the Tembles Bike Tour. You leave Dajuma around 8am in our adventure jeep, bikes in the back. After a 30-minute drive, you reach a traditional Balinese village called Tembles which is the starting point for your bike ride along the rice fields. You will visit the House of Jegog (traditional West Bali music), the village primary school, the traditional market and the very sacred Rambut Siwi temple at the end. About 4 hours. A perfect activity to keep you in shape and discover an authentic Bali.


Because of its unique location straight on the beach, Dajuma offers a variety of sea activities. On top of the list, of course, comes surfing with the famous Medewi spot next door and its long left hand wave. Fishing offshore with the local fishermen is another one particularly apreciated by our guests. Bodyboarding in the waves is very easy to practice and brings a lot of pleasure to everybody from 7 to 77 years old! Stand-up paddle, sailing and kayaking are also 3 ways of discovering the sea in a different way.
On the picture, for their first time in Bali, Ludwig and Vanessa from Germany during their 7 nights stay with us, did some excursions to explore West Bali and decided to try our sea kayak. They enjoyed a lot!


Our guests who love surfing the Medewi wave, the longest left wave in the world with almost 500 meters long, have the choice to get there either by foot along the beach (20 min) or by car (10 min). A free shuttle service is offered to them on demand. On the picture, Juergen with the surfboard, Scott and Laurel from USA enjoy a lot this service, by combining every day, surf at Medewi and relax and wellness at Dajuma.


Among our beach activities which cover swimming, fishing, snorkeling, diving, kayaking, sailing, SUP, bodyboarding, there is one which is particularly appreciated by our guests: surfing. Why? For 3 main reasons: the West beach of Dajuma is just ideal to learn. The waves are not too strong and the sandy beach is never a problem when you fall down, which is frequent when you start this demanding sport. The second reason is the proximity of a world class surfing spot called Medewi, situated a few minutes from Dajuma. Last but not least reason, is the presence of our surf instructor Jupri who will take care of you throughout the learning process.
No reason why you should not try during your next stay with us!


Our guests are often posing the question: “Is it safe to swim in the sea from Dajuma? And what kind of beach is it, sand or rocks? And what kind of sand? Very important questions when you plan to stay for some days isn’t it?
Let’s answer as precisely as possible: yes it is possible to swim in the sea as long as you respect the warning flag (yellow=go, red=nogo). We recommend to swim on the West beach which is very safe for swimming, surfing and bodyboarding. Despite the fact the East beach is everyday used by local lobsters fishermen, we do not recommend to swim there because of currents.
Depending on the tides, the sand of our beaches is either volcanic or coral-sand i.e. either dark or light as shown on the picture. In both cases, it is very soft under your feet with no risk to be hurt during your swimming sessions. Last but not least, just in front of Dajuma is a cape which discovers itself on 200 meters at each low tide, a true paradise for kids (and birds…) who would like to discover the underwater life. It is also the preferred place of local fishermen fishing from the seashore. See you soon in our swimming paradise!


The MBR were holding their open surfing contest challenge last weekend at the famous long left hand wave at Medewi. This unmissable event is particularly interesting because it brings together the best surfers in Indonesia with foreign surfers, sometimes coming from far away. Dajuma being located not far from the competition venue (5 minutes by free shuttle or 15 minutes walk by the beach) has attracted this year many surf amateurs, happy to share real emotions in the best possible comfort. Long live the surf!


Because of its location nearby the famous Medewi surfing spot, Dajuma is the ideal place where to stay by combining the best of surfing and the discovery of one of the most rich and authentic parts of Bali. Medewi is renowned for its famously long left-hand wave which has been praised by numerous former surf champions and is ideal for all levels. Our surfing guests love surfing it in the morning and relax or stroll around the rest of the day. We recently received with pleasure from the reward “Top 16 World’s Best Surfcamp”. Looking forward to welcoming you!


We sometimes read reviews stating that it is difficult to swim in the sea around Dajuma.
We have 2 main beaches: on the East side, waves and tides are often strong and only local fishermen, knowing perfectly the tides, can swim in this area to catch lobsters.
On the West side, on the contrary, the beach is well protected by the cape and the waves are just ideal for swimming or practicing sea sports such as body boarding, SUP, surf, kite surf, sailing, kayak.
But of course, like everywhere in the world, it is not recommended to swim in the sea when the weather is stormy, which sometimes happens in the year. To help our guests to safely enjoy sea sports on this West beach, we installed flags which color indicates the status of the sea: yellow means OK, red means Danger. Moreover our beach supervisor Jupry is always happy to help you to go to the sea in the most friendly and safe way.


From December 9 to 11th, 2016 will take place in Medewi the 2016 Boardriders Challenge. The Medewi wave is particularly appreciated by surfers because of its regularity and non-dangerousness.
For those who don’t know the location, Dajuma is the perfect place where to stay between 2 surf rides. Located next door from Medewi, with a free shuttle to get there, Dajuma will offer you the best possible combination between sport and exquisite accomodation including first class cottages and villas, 3 restaurants and a spa for recovering peak form.
Looking forward to welcoming you on this occasion!


Should you be an experimented rider wishing to not only ride all day long, every day of your holiday but also to discover the authentic Bali and provide your half with both a relaxing and exhilarating holiday, you would surely appreciate to stay at Puri Dajuma Cottages & Villas, the lovely eco boutique hotel located on the South-Western coast of Bali, on the beachfront of the Pekutatan village. This is surely the nicest place where to have a perfect blend of authentic Bali culture in an outstanding location right on the beach, next to the old fashioned fishermen Balinese boats. The hotel offers 3 restaurants with a large selection of dishes, 2 large pools which one consists in a 50m long swimming river, a reknown SPA and many tours in the immediate surroundings to get acquainted with the beautiful assets of the Balinese culture. As for kitesurfing: the hotel is located on a large piece of volcanic rock which is partially recovered at high tide. At low tide, the ocean unveils a large piece of emerged rock which breaks the waves and offers a flat area to rig and launch the kites. Downwind, the rock line is perpendicular to the wind direction which is almost straight and gives the floor to a sandy beach. The place is famous in Indonesia since hero Ngura Rai landed right on the spot in 1946 to fight for the independence of the archipelago. A Monument was erected on the spot to remember his contribution to free the country. The spot is dedicated to yet confirmed riders due to sea hazards specific to that area. There might be some strong currents as well as high, irregular and highly paced waves. You should have a good kitesurfing level to ride in this area. In case of trouble, the wind pushes you to the beach opposite the starting point anyway which provides a kind of inherent natural safety to the area but still, currents and waves can be tedious. Wind is steady and comes from South West, off the rock line but cross on shore the opposite beach. You can expect steady winds in the 10-20 knots range between June & September. The wind usually starts blowing at 10am up to late at night. Out of 3 weeks spent on site in summer 2016, we had over 10 days of steady wind to rig either a 15 m2 or a 12m2 canopy. Pay attention to ride at low tide when there are not too many waves and low off-shore current: this allows to start right in front of the hotel so as to step over the rock line and reach the sandy water safely. You can rig your kite in front of the hotel and request some assistance for launching. From that point, the wind is almost perpendicular to the rock line. In case of trouble, you have then about 700-1000m before reaching the beach on the opposite side of the bay (stony). A pair of booties is mandatory since the volcanic stones the cape is made of are pretty sharp. As currents and waves are not regular, you should take time and observe carefully the area before launching your kite and check that the size of the waves is OK for you. If so, and provided some friends are available to take pictures from the rock line located perpendicular to the wind, you can take exceptional pictures of your riding friend. Finally, after your riding session, your can take advantage of the protection from the cape to safely land your kite on the sandy beach at the tip of the rockline, provided that you have enough speed to reach the beach before the wind dies. This is actually very safe since the wind almost disappears immediately once you have reached the wake of the cape, well protected by the hotel facilities and the trees of the garden. Enjoy your riding sessions at Puri Dajuma Cottages!