This week we had the pleasure of welcoming one of our dear loyal customers who usually visits Bali once or twice a year. Like many other Bali lovers, he suffered from not being able to come for 18 months and, to the question, what did you miss the most during this period, the answer was instantaneous: the “nasi campur“, one of the delicious specialties of Bali with the rijsttafel. Our chef was quick to cook one as shown in the photo: on the plate a combination of the flavors of yellow rice, colored by turmeric (nasi kuning), tempe goreng, plain omelet (telur dadar), chicken shredded with red seasoning (ayam sisit), fried noodles (mie goreng) and shrimp crackers (kerupuk udang). A wonderful Balinese delight!


This morning, Sunday Sept 5th, we took a chance to capture a beautiful moment of Hensby’s family who had picnic breakfast in our garden. Our staff always tries to surprise our guests. Last time was with the “floating beakfast” in the pool and this time is with the “pick nick breakfast” in the garden. With their two adorable kids, Luna and Jack Mr and Mrs Hensby enjoyed this new way of savoring a breakfast and to celebrate the Australian Father’s day. Just try it next time!


When you are on vacation or on a weekend in Dajuma, everything is done to help you unwind and discover new ways of living, closer to nature and people. Among all the possibilities for a change of scenery offered by the hotel, there is the ritual of the floating breakfast, particularly appreciated by our customers. This is what our loyal customers Clément and Amanda had the pleasure of sharing at sunrise in the Bendega swimming pool, served by our lovely Leli. An original and relaxing way to have breakfast, isn’t it? Just try next time you visit us.


The reopening of the Bali airport to international flights approaching, we can not help but think of all that we will find in the pleasures of life in this island so aptly named the Island of the Gods: a prolific nature, exceptional human relations, breathtaking landscapes, constant serenity, and, icing on the cake (no pun intended!), an exceptional cuisine inherited from multiple local, European and Asian influences. A good example shown in the photo, is the tasty “rijsttafel” recently served in our Rama restaurant, a Dutch word that literally translates to “rice table”. It is an elaborate Indonesian meal adapted by the Dutch consisting of many side dishes (up to fourty sometimes), small portions served in banana leaves, accompanied by rice prepared in different ways. Popular side dishes include egg rolls, sambals, satay, fish, fruits, vegetables, pickles, and nuts. Let’s hope a return to normal as soon as possible!


On Saturday, April 3rd, 2021, the Indonesian Bartender Association organised at Anjungan Cerdas Rambut Siwi a contest of the best cocktail. 15 participants from local hotels were the competitors. One of our bar tenders, Erik, represented Puri Dajuma in that event. The challenge launched to the competitors was to create an original cocktail with only local ingredients including the famous arak Bali. Erik named his creation “Mebarung” and was the happy winner of the competition. On the picture, Erik is on the left. For sure this new cocktail will enrich our cocktails list and hopefully be appreciated by our guests. Congratulations dear Erik!


This week, we would like to introduce you to our fishing village located right next to Dajuma. Many families make a living from this activity with daily sea fishing departures, very often at night. Our fishing enthusiasts often embark with them in the early morning and return a few hours later with great catches. Due to the pandemic, the boat that takes them has been at rest for months and its owner Mr. Sipriadi took the opportunity to give it a facelift: a few small leaks have been repaired, the paintwork completely redone and the bamboo floats replaced. The hull of the boat is carved in one piece from a hibiscus tiliaceus (waru tree) while the outriggers come from a particular species of bamboo called Petung bamboo. The repairs will have lasted a month and it is a completely renovated boat with undeniable charm that awaits you for your next fishing trip!


In recent weeks, our cooks have been particularly inventive in preparing amazing snacks served during seminars held in Dajuma.

Not only are they delicious to eat, they are also great looking and very healthy.

They are served twice during the meetings’ coffee breaks, in the morning as a welcome dish and after lunch.

The pictures show 2 examples recently served to our guests: the first one consists of Japanese soybeans (kedelai edamme), dragon fruit pudding in a glass, and traditional Balinese cake (klepon) in purple color while the second one consist of 3 crackers, called melinjo (fruit crackers), balinese flower cake (apem), and rice cake (wajik) with palm sugar. Enjoy our snacks! Selamat makan!

Home Made Marmelade!

Who ever tasted our delicious home-made marmelade, will keep it for a long time as a reminiscence of his stay at Dajuma, a little bit like the Proust’s Madeleine! Regularly made from the papaya, mango, pineapple, strawberry and other seasonal fruit, the marmelade accompanies fresh bread and pastries, also home-made, making your breakfast a pleasant moment to start your day!
It’s also good for our environment by reducing the packaging waste, favoring the local production and by consequence, limiting our carbon footprint.

Wood carving in Bali

For those who appreciate the Balinese Art, it is impossible to remain indifferent to the beauty of the carvings found everywhere around the island.
Who not remained fascinated by observing the delicate work of woodcarvers who, with makeshift tools, are able to make masterpieces that adorn houses, temples and  hotels in Bali.
On the picture, the carving in our Rama restaurant, one of the many wood carvings that decorate Dajuma. It was  made  by the cousin of our director.
When asked the question: “What are your sources of inspiration?”, the answer is : “Nature and Imagination”.
As simple as that!

New access to Sinta lounge

Our Sinta lounge with its large comfortable sofas and its Teppanyaki at night is the perfect place where to relax and meditate, especially when the sun is coming down. The access to this very special place has been recently improved by a beautiful helicoidal stairway, entirely built from merbau and clove tree woods by our skilled workers. Here on the picture, Muriyono assisted by Harorik, both from Banyuwangi, who build it. You can be proud of it guys! It is not only nice to see but also very easy and comfortable to climb.