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An exclusive selection of activities and tours that cover all the rich natural and culture treasures of West Bali, the most authentic part of the Island of Gods

Beautiful spots around Dajuma

What if Bali had something to tell us about its history, culture, people, landscapes and traditions?

Visiting Bali is a unique experience, everything here is different from the rest of the world.

With its spirituality, religious fervour, extraordinary kindness of the people, sumptuous landscapes, and exuberant nature, everything here seduces you and carves unforgettable moments and experiences in your memory.

Dajuma offers you an initiatory journey to the most authentic and preserved part of the Island off the Gods.

We have exclusively designed 15 excursions that reveal the hidden cultural and natural treasures of Bali in close collaboration with our local native staff.

What makes Dajuma special is that we are far from the mass tourism found in the south of the island whilst still being in the heart of the most interesting places to visit.

You can go diving in Menjangan, stop off at the hot springs, visit a Buddhist temple and admire the rice fields at sunset all in one day.

For us, exploring means coming into as close contact as possible with Balinese culture.

The only way to do this to immerse yourself in the daily life of the villagers, to plant rice, share meals, visit schools, learn their graceful dances, and to decorate houses with bamboo and banana leaves with them.

Bali must-see map

Beautiful spots around Dajuma

Bali must-see map


Regardless of what cultural activity to decide to join in during your stay in Dajuma, you will be sure to be seduced by the alluring grace of Balinese dancers, entranced by the inspirational jeggog music, moved by the solemnity of the offering ceremonies, taken back by the beautiful floral art decorations, immersed in the richness and inventiveness of Balinese cuisine, and amazed at the breathtaking skill of the wood carvers and the know-how of the rice farmers.
You will be invited to take part in these activities yourself.


In the Island of the Gods, West Bali stands out as an authentic miraculously preserved shelter that is so different from the hustle and bustle of the south.  With breathtaking and luxuriant landscapes, a wild coast that extends further than the eye can see, bewitching sunsets, and its unique culture, this truly is paradise on earth.
Coming here is like travelling back in time to when Bali was yet to become a popular tourist destination. Everything here invites you to escape and be amazed.
The rich inheritance of the Bali Barat National Park offers a wide selection of treks on which you can observe the rare fauna and flora.
The park extends underwater around Menjangan Island making it a delight for all guests.
The villages of Western Bali invite you to come and discover the traditional crafts, Jegog ancestral music, and the multi-color water buffalo racing.
We have designed 10 exclusive excursions just for you so you can uncover the hidden treasures of West Bali.


The main sights in Bali are easily accessible from Dajuma.
The scenic route through Pupuan and the mountains of the West Bali National Park takes you to the north coast and the famous Seririt hot springs, Buddhist monastery, Lovina, Pemuteran, and the Mengaran diving spot.
Another option is to east towards the artistic capital of Bali, the famous Ubud.
Travelling there along the coast or through the mountains you can stop off at the famous lake Bratan and its iconic Ulu Danu temple.


What’s more, Dajuma also provides convenient access to East Java and its astonishing wonder, the Kawah Ijen volcano.
Leaving the hotel in the middle of the night to reach the top of the volcano around 3:00 a.m. to see the famous blue flames of volcanic sulphur makes this excursion an extraordinary experience.
Seeing the earth breathe like this an impressive and humbling experience.
Arriving back at the top of the caldera at around 5:00 a.m. you will witness the sunrise in ambience of another world.