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“The most beautiful garden I have seen in Bali”


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The most beautiful garden I have seen in Bali

This is what Kristin, from Australia, wrote in a review about the highlights of her stay at Dajuma.
The flora of Bali is renowned for its beauty and rich diversity, whether majestic coconut palms, spectacular bamboos, picturesque pandanus or the famous banyan tree.
Loved and worshiped by the Balinese, this huge tree is usually covered by a traditional piece of fabric as a sign of religious veneration.
In our garden of more than 1.5 hectares, which winds between the Indian Ocean and your cottage, you will discover – through bamboo signs bearing the name of each specie – a world of local trees and flowers.
Our team of gardeners created a truly beautiful work of art that wraps the hotel in privacy day after day.
They use eco-friendly techniques including the kitchen waste that has been turned into natural compost on site.
They grow more than 70 varieties of Bali flowers which delicate fragrance will enchant your stay: magnolia, hibiscus, jasmine, bougainvillea, orchid, lotus and the subtle frangipani which is the symbol of Balinese identity.
They decorate people’s houses and serve as offerings in temples during religious ceremonies.
Representing local biodiversity, our tropical garden will be your best friend all along your stay, guiding you from the beach to your room, from one swimming pool to the other, from the spa to the restaurants, on green paths bursting with colors, fragrances and scents.