After a year 2020 without any tourism fairs all closed due to the pandemic, Dajuma was particularly happy to participate in the annual tourism promotion event, the now famous Bali and Beyond Travel Fair (BBTF). It ran from Tuesday (8/6) to Saturday (12/6) at the Bali International Convention Center (BICC) in Nusa Dua and brought together more than 150 buyers. Of these, 64 overseas buyers mainly from UK, France, Australia, some from USA and also Asian countries participated virtually, while buyers from Indonesia were able to participate physically. The tourism offer was represented by 125 vendors coming from 11 provinces of the archipelago. Puri Dajuma was at booth number A72. A good vintage that bodes well for a long-awaited return to normal!
On the picture Rondy, our GM in charge of Sales and Marketing surrounded by some colleagues.


This time, it seems that the start of the highway project between Gilimanuk and Denpasar will finally see the light of day in Q4 2021, despite the pandemic crisis.
Concretely, this 95 km project will be divided into 3 sections: the first from our place, Pekutatan, until Soka, the second from Soka to Mengwi badung and the last from Gillimanuk to Pekutatan.
It will radically change the way goods are transported between Java and Bali with a very positive impact on traffic jams and road pollution.
From Dajuma’s perspective, we see this project in a very positive light. Not only will this shorten the journey to the airport to less than an hour but, more importantly for our guests visiting Bali, they will rediscover the beautiful back roads deserted by trucks.
Paradoxically, this highway will allow tourists to rediscover the Bali of yesteryear and at the same time to propel the island into modernity. Just a dream!

How the villagers of Pekutatan celebrate Independence Day

In August, all Indonesia is keen to comemorate the independence day. Many funny activities were held on this occasion. Having no desire to break with this fine tradition, Pekutatan Village held its own activities, prepared and organised by its villagers. Few days before the independence day, there are some funny games, gate decoration competition using only natural material, Balinese dances performances and many more (see on picture). On August 17th was the formal flag ceremony, with the participation of students from the local schools based in Pekutatan, government officials, police, army and villagers representatives. This year, all the participants of flag ceremony were wearing Balinese traditional dress based on the instruction of the Bali Governor.


Part of the large Indonesia and its 279 Million inhabitants, welcoming 4 millions foreigners every year, one’s may fear that the small island of Bali could be losing step by step its brilliant culture and traditions.
This was before the new Bali’s Governor, Wayan KOSTER was elected last June, and made it clear that his administration intends to bring Bali back to its cultural roots, which is now effective through several decrees.
Changes are visible from anyone in Bali after applying these two:
N° 79/2018 Decree regarding customary Balinese Dress use stipulates that people working in Bali should don traditional wear every Thursday.
Same requirement during full moon (Purnama Day), new moon (Tilem Day), anniversary of Bali Province, regency anniversary days, and city anniversaries.
The island’s indigenous langage is traditionally written with an elaborate Brahmic-derived script natively known as Aksara Bali and Hanacaraka. Used in ceremonies and religious texts, the traditional script is deeply tied to Balinese Hindu practices.
“I think Balinese letters, Balinese text is in our identity, a symbol of our civilization” he said.
In accordance with Decree n° 80/2018, Balinese script will be written alongside Latin writing in public facilities, including our hotel as shown on the picture with the new signage on the road.
Many opportunities to enjoy the graceful « Udeng » on men head and women « Kebaya », and remember the Balinese long History through its everywhere writing.
On the picture taken in Dajuma garden, besides our colorful Jegog music instrument, some of our staff proud to wear the traditional Balinese dressing every thursday. From left to right, Dina, Alit, Kadek, Gusalit and Erly.

Indonesian Independence Day & Negara City Anniversary

To celebrate the independence day on August 17th, Puri Dajuma is used to decorate the lobby and the main gate with red and white ornaments, the colors of the Indonesia flag. All the people in the villages or in the cities are very happy to celebrate the independence day. For Jembrana’ society, August is not only the Nation month but also a special month with the celebration the Negara City Anniversary. Many activities are held such as Fun Games, Industrial and craft exhibition, Art performances, Kite festival and Cultural Parade. All these activities are running during August. Not to be missed during your stay!


Last week we had the pleasure to welcome the monthly meeting of Bookgreener members which gathers hoteliers in Bali strongly engaged for environmental protection and sustainable tourism.
Every month, under the dynamic guidance of its founder Alex Tsuk, its members like to exchange experiences on various topics. This month, the topic was “How to communicate about Agung Volcano”. 3 internationally known lecturers from Canada (live), Island and Peru (via Skype) brought their experience of managing communication in similar situations of volcano eruptions. A very interesting day of work ponctutated in the middle by a delicious lunch prepared by our French Chef Paul. The day before, our Bookgreener friends were invited to visit some West Bali hidden treasures, its stunning rice fields, the jegog music, the absolutely unique new Green Cliff, Perancak and its beautiful buggies boats and finally the sea turtles conservatory. A nice moment of sharing!


A campaign with the slogan “I am in Bali now” was launched recently to encourage tourists to come to Bali despite the situation of Agung volcano which fortunately seems to return to slumber. Our guests were happy to participate in it by taking pictures showing their pleasure to be in Bali. By its location 80 km from the volcano, Dajuma is in a safe area where the risk of being disturbed by the volcano is anyway very weak. We wish you a very nice stay in the Island of the Gods!


This year in Bali, the month of August will be particularly busy in terms of commemorations. Three important anniversaries will be celebrated: Indonesia’s Independent Day on August 17th, Bali’s Anniversary on August 14th and finally Jembrana’s Anniversary on August 15th. A few days before the commemorative day, the government is used to organise several activities which are carried out from the village level up to the National level. On July 28th, the government in Pekutatan sub-district organised an exciting endurance race gathering all the elementary schools in Pekutatan, each school presenting two groups (Male and Female), each group consisting in 17 students. The committee of this event is looking for the best group (male and female) and the winner will participate in the same event at the regency level. Good luck guys!

Welcome Back dear Agung!

Bali is renowned worldwide for the wealth of its culture, among which dancing is occupying a privileged position.
Each village of the island supports as much as possible a dancing group as well as a gamelan or jegog orchestra. This is the case for the village of Pekutatan which is housing Dajuma.
After an interruption of several months due to a serious health problem, our dear dance professor Agung is back, more dynamic than ever. He launched some years ago in the village  a very successful school which participates in many dance contests around the island and beyond. Dajuma strongly encourages this actvity by welcoming on a regular basis his school on our stage in front of the Rama restaurant.
Here on the picture young villagers, boys and girls directed by Agung. Our guests love to watch this authentic spectacle and sometimes participate in it.