Let’s Natacha talk about her Bali experience:

“When coming from Paris 10 years ago, I discovered another world in Bali, more precisely Dajuma world: it changed my life.
I was more than impressed by the setting of the resort built on a beautiful cape enhanced by fishermen activities and birds, the neighbor praho beach on West bay, the endless wild East beach, the nature at its best which makes you breathing and regenerating. I enjoyed the large Balinese style cottages with private terrasse and garden, the large pools overlooking the oceans, the restaurants and SPA by the sea.
But the most important in my opinion are the people I met there, particularly the regretted Indra whose spirit is still accompanying me today. Also among the staff and in the village, where people are always eager bringing happiness to each other. It made me feel so different. I discovered another part of myself and decided to change of carrer, I am therapist now.
I was really touched by their philosophy ‘Tri Hita Karana’ : Harmony between Humans and Gods, Humans and Nature, Humans themselves.
After 3 vacation stays, I decided to spend 6 months straight at Dajuma in 2013, participating in every ceremony and event. I even travelled to Yogyakarta together with the first Dajuma employees trip. I became familiar to many families around the village. We consider each other like a real family: we share many things, our happiness and sadness, when I am also far away, in France. We don’t like to being separated for a long time.
And I am now again back for 6 weeks, total 54 weeks. I love Bali!”

Terima kasih banyak Natacha for this so touching testimony!


Close to Dajuma, is the State Plantation of Pulukan which is one of the preferred eco-tours of our guests. Imagine a huge 1200 ha area planted with all sorts of trees: coconut, coffee, cacao, clove trees, and the most popular, rubber trees from which the sap is extracted and treated on site in a workshop.
Our guests enjoy this 4 hours tour by 4WD jeep and by foot. It ends on top of the plantation by a revigorating lunch with a breathtaking view of the ocean. On the picture, Jeremie and Vanina from France with their guides Mertha and Sumawa, were offered rubber bracelets which present this astonishing property to automatically solder when you join their extremities. A small souvenir of a great moment of sharing with Mother Nature!


Many thanks to our last month guest Kristin from Australia for her appreciation on Trip advisor about Dajuma highlights and “the most beautiful garden I have seen in Bali”!
It is true all the gardeners team around Yuliartha, as a charismatic leader, is proud to create day after day a real outside work of art. In more than 1,5 ha they cultivate with passion a wide variety of trees, plants and flowers, using natural compost made on site from our kitchen garbage. When strolling along the paths, our guests are always astonished and enchanted to discover a rainbow of colors and delicate scents: orchids, frangipani, bougainvilliers, heliconya, soka are some examples of them. But often comes up the question: what is the name of this flower, plant or tree? The solution was to label each and every of our species (70 different in total) with bamboo signs through-out the property. It is what has been done last week, the new bamboo signs replacing the old ones made from aluminium which were in place for more than 15 years. Visitors and guests can continue to learn and enjoy about the extraordinary diversity of the Balinese flora.
On the picture, Yuliarta and his team. From left to right: Yuliarta, Umar, Zikin, Mudita, Gunaya. Thanks also, guys, for the specific sceneries you build for each event: romantic dinners, anniversaries, weddings, temple festival, new Year… You are the best gardeners we can dream of!


Since now more than 3 years, we are offering to our guests water fountains where they can refill their glass pitcher free of charge. By doing so, we eliminate most of the plastic bottles which are so difficult to recycle in Bali. The water delivered by these fountains comes from a 40 m deep well and is then purified by ceramic filters. Its purity is regularly controlled by the Quantum laboratory in Denpasar. However, some of our guests still prefer to drink water from plastic bottles and, for them especially, we created with the help of our neighboring craftmen these nice covers made from the bamboo and palm leaves. Hopefully they will one day give up the plastic bottles. This is one of our hope!


By chance, this couple of dwarf hens became the mascot of Dajuma. Every day, they roam the entire property in all directions to the delight of our customers and especially children. They are incredibly kind and cute to watch. They also fulfill their role in terms of cleaning the garden. Our staff has named them Upin Ipin, an easy-to-remember nickname that refers to the Malaysian cartoon, which is very popular in Indonesia at the moment. We are sure you will be happy to meet them on your next visit to Dajuma!


This year again, Dajuma was invited by the Ministry of Tourism of Indonesia to participate as exhibitor in the famous ITB Berlin from March 6th to 10th.
With 10’000 exhibitors and 160’000 visitors from 180 countries and 6 continents, ITB is the most important tourism fair in the world.
A unique opportunity for Dajuma to meet our European partners and invent with them some new services which will hopefully astonish our guests!


A wonderful initiative was taken 2 years ago by 2 young surfers Alex and Andrew who decided to found 4OCEANS. In less than 2 years they have been able to create a fleet of boats and trucks aimed at collecting the rubbish everywhere around the island. Easy to recognise on the beach with their blue clothes, 4OCEANS volunteers do clean the beach between Medewi and Dajuma twice a week, hence completing what our own staff is doing every day. We can help them growing by buying on line a nice bracelet
Thank you so much Alex and Andrew for your initiative!


Happy to be part of the 1000 selected exhibitors, another important appointment for Dajuma this year was our participation in ITB Asia. The event took place at the emblematic Sands Expo and Convention Centre in Marina Bay Sands, Singapore from 17 to 19 October 2018, a three-day conference and exhibition recording an impressive 25,000 business appointments. The exhibition hosted more than 1,000 exhibitors and over 1,000 buyers this year, representing more than 127 countries. The trend is definitively in favor of sustainable and eco-responsible tourism, travellers looking for more and more valuable and off-the beaten tracks experiences. What is exactly our raison d’être and motto!
On the picture, our Sales and Marketing team, Rondy and Dina.


Have you ever heard about the « WIM HOF METHOD » ( We were very pleasantly surprised when, last week-ned, our good friend Alex, founder of BookGreener, offered to our guests a very interesting workshop about this method and the way to improve our breathing with a lot of positive consequences on our bodies ( All participants were absolutely astonished by the outcome of the workshop: a really good feeling, most of them being able to double or even triple their breath capacity after only 30 mn exercising, up to 4’30” for one of them. But this « Better Breathing » step is just the beginning of a long and exciting story. Next step of the method consists in cold exposure by plunging your body into a cold bath, with even better positive effects on your body. We believe that this method will perfectly complement our wellness activities in our Spa. Why don’t you send your opinion about that by reacting to this blog? In any case, we will keep you posted! Cheers!


As waste management is progressing in Bali, Puri Dajuma took the opportunity to be an actor in Jembrana regency on the occasion of last Saturday’s worldwide “Clean Up Day”.
Located just after the well known Medewi surf break, Yeh Sumbul’s large beach was the place chosen for this event.
Here gathered in a friendly atmosphere, villagers, hotels employees from Pekutatan and Medewi, guests, students and teachers from the Junior High school. After they added pieces of garbage on several heaps, the participants had some food and beverage while listening the speeches from the authorities about the sense of this great day.
On the picture the Dajuma team wears its large specific juter bags made on purpose to replace plastic bags.
Thanks to our 8 pillars eco-policy ( we do our utmost to limit our impact on our exceptional environment. But, to be honest, it is not always easy because so many wrappings made of plastic are still in use in the daily life of Balinese. It is particularly true for straws: we already exchanged them for bamboo straws some years ago. Every friday, our staff also cleans all around the resort involving as much as possible the villages’ young generations. But there is still a long way to go…