NATACHA: OUR REPEATER GUEST CHAMPION Puri Dajuma, Beach Eco-Resort & Spa, West Bali


Let’s Natacha talk about her Bali experience:

“When coming from Paris 10 years ago, I discovered another world in Bali, more precisely Dajuma world: it changed my life.
I was more than impressed by the setting of the resort built on a beautiful cape enhanced by fishermen activities and birds, the neighbor praho beach on West bay, the endless wild East beach, the nature at its best which makes you breathing and regenerating. I enjoyed the large Balinese style cottages with private terrasse and garden, the large pools overlooking the oceans, the restaurants and SPA by the sea.
But the most important in my opinion are the people I met there, particularly the regretted Indra whose spirit is still accompanying me today. Also among the staff and in the village, where people are always eager bringing happiness to each other. It made me feel so different. I discovered another part of myself and decided to change of carrer, I am therapist now.
I was really touched by their philosophy ‘Tri Hita Karana’ : Harmony between Humans and Gods, Humans and Nature, Humans themselves.
After 3 vacation stays, I decided to spend 6 months straight at Dajuma in 2013, participating in every ceremony and event. I even travelled to Yogyakarta together with the first Dajuma employees trip. I became familiar to many families around the village. We consider each other like a real family: we share many things, our happiness and sadness, when I am also far away, in France. We don’t like to being separated for a long time.
And I am now again back for 6 weeks, total 54 weeks. I love Bali!”

Terima kasih banyak Natacha for this so touching testimony!

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