Once again, on the occasion of the New Year, our former customers and friends Bruce and Frances were kind enough to offer our staff a package containing among otherthings, rice, egg, oil and some treats for the kids, the latter one  at the request of their own grandchildren! A nice gift that delights the 45 families of our staff!
They already helped us in 2020, when no one imagined for a moment that the pandemic would still be active until now. Yet this is what happened!
A huge thank you dear Bruce and Frances for this generous gesture! We look forward to seeing you again soon!


Two adorable babies have just been born in Dajuma. The strong boy from Astari, our Front Desk Officer, was born on June 4th. His name is I Putu Radeva Bagastya.
In Bali the names are given according to the rank of birth:
Wayan, Putu, or Gede, for the first male born
Wayan, Putu, or Iluh, for the first born daughter
Made, or Kadek, for the second born (boy)
Made, Kadek, or Nengah, for the second born (daughter)
Nyoman or Komang, for the third born (boy or girl)
Ketut, for the fourth born (boy or girl). From the 5th child we go back to the start …
On Hendra’s side, our restaurant supervisor, it is the royal couplet that the parents have just succeeded with the arrival of an adorable little girl named Ni Made Vania Jovanka, born on the 16th. All our congratulations to the happy parents!


First time in Dajuma life, 2 of our employees will be retiring soon. Misrin and Kadek have respectively 17 years and 9 years of service with Dajuma. Our guests will certainly remember their grand smiles and … their moustaches! Since the beginning of Dajuma in 2002, Misrin was part of our security team, taking care of the safety of our guests 24h, always ready to help during the night including late arrivals. Kadek was one of our driver, particularly appreciated by our guests for his soft and safe driving and his deep knowledge of West Bali. According to the Indonesian labor law, both are leaving at 57 in full shape and a lot of ideas in mind: open a warung for Kadek and take care of a farm for Misrin. On the picture the farewell party organised by their colleagues. Thank you so much for your commitment with Dajuma. We wish you a healthy and joyful retirement!


Like everywhere in the world, Indonesia celebrated last week the end of the Ramadan, called Idul Fitri in this country. After one month of fasting, our muslim staff was happy to celebrate this important event by visiting neighbors and family, exchanging gifts and wishes. A great moment of sharing! On the picture, top right, a car decorated as a mosquee, driven around the village the night before Eid Mubarak (Malam Takbir), top & bottom left: picture of our staff Jasuli and Aziz with their family, bottom right: Dajuma visiting another staff member, Misrin family.


Many thanks to our last month guest Kristin from Australia for her appreciation on Trip advisor about Dajuma highlights and “the most beautiful garden I have seen in Bali”!
It is true all the gardeners team around Yuliartha, as a charismatic leader, is proud to create day after day a real outside work of art. In more than 1,5 ha they cultivate with passion a wide variety of trees, plants and flowers, using natural compost made on site from our kitchen garbage. When strolling along the paths, our guests are always astonished and enchanted to discover a rainbow of colors and delicate scents: orchids, frangipani, bougainvilliers, heliconya, soka are some examples of them. But often comes up the question: what is the name of this flower, plant or tree? The solution was to label each and every of our species (70 different in total) with bamboo signs through-out the property. It is what has been done last week, the new bamboo signs replacing the old ones made from aluminium which were in place for more than 15 years. Visitors and guests can continue to learn and enjoy about the extraordinary diversity of the Balinese flora.
On the picture, Yuliarta and his team. From left to right: Yuliarta, Umar, Zikin, Mudita, Gunaya. Thanks also, guys, for the specific sceneries you build for each event: romantic dinners, anniversaries, weddings, temple festival, new Year… You are the best gardeners we can dream of!


Great start for Dajuma this year with a new procedure aimed at improving the comfort of our guests. Every day, around 6:00 p.m. our housekeeping staff prepares the beds of our guests by adjusting and cleaning sheets and pillows and installing if necessary the mosquito net after having checked the absence of insects inside. At the end, some frangipani flowers are disposed on the bed, bringing their delicate fragrance. A good way to have a revigorating night in a fresh and fragrant atmosphere! The feedbacks from our guests are excellent. On the picture Imam in action.


One specific feature of Dajuma is the special relationship between our staff and young kids. In all parts of the resort, a special attention is given to them in terms of equipment such as swings, slide, balls, buoys, wading pools, etc. But the most important is definitively the communication between our staff and these young guests. Like on the picture where Juliarta, our restaurant supervisor, is greeting a young 2 years boy called Lyam. Welcome kids and enjoy!


All our guests and partners know Rondy, our GM in charge of sales and marketing for his competence and kindness. But very few know that he was graduated last year from the Maha Saraswati University with a Bachelor in Economy management. He has been working hard during 3 and a half years, studying every week many hours in parallel of his responsibilities at Dajuma. About his motivation for these studies, he says “I wanted to understand from a theory viewpoint what I was doing in practice every day”. He started working for Dajuma 12 years ago as Front Desk Officer, after a first diploma obtained from the Tourism Academy (Management Pariwisata Indonesia). Step by step he gained experience and new responsibilities until his current position. A trajectory that  summarizes Rondy’s personality, a blend of will, tenacity and intelligence. And modesty… because it took one year to get his approval for the publication of this blog! Congratulations for this outstanding achievement dear Rondy!


Another beautiful tradition in Dajuma consists in sophisticated floral decorations which are prepared by all the staff on the occasion of specific events such as anniversaries, honey moons, romantic dinners, wedding ceremonies and Balinese shows on stage.
Most of the staff on duty participates in the preparation of these nice decorations. Here on the picture, is Suadewi, one of our kitchen supervisors, who knows as well how to assemble beautiful  floral compositions and prepare savorous dishes!


Our staff always dreamt about the best possible English courses. And the dream became true thanks to our repeating guests Mr and Mrs Bruce Campbell from Australia!
Bruce and his wife Frances are used to come to Dajuma for years. They are very appreciated by the staff and the nearby villagers. They kindly proposed to organise English lessons to the benefit of our staff and trainees, proposal which was received with enthusiasm and gratitude by everybody.
One million thanks Bruce and Frances! Thanks to you our staff will be able to speak English with the best possible accent!