On Saturday, April 3rd, 2021, the Indonesian Bartender Association organised at Anjungan Cerdas Rambut Siwi a contest of the best cocktail. 15 participants from local hotels were the competitors. One of our bar tenders, Erik, represented Puri Dajuma in that event. The challenge launched to the competitors was to create an original cocktail with only local ingredients including the famous arak Bali. Erik named his creation “Mebarung” and was the happy winner of the competition. On the picture, Erik is on the left. For sure this new cocktail will enrich our cocktails list and hopefully be appreciated by our guests. Congratulations dear Erik!


Buy 1 and Get 1 Free! This famous slogan is also applied in Dajuma to the delight of our guests every day between 5 and 6 p.m. just before the sunset with almost 20 different choices including cocktails, mocktails and beers. Every day, our bar tenders love to surprise our guests by proposing a “cocktail of the day” always creative and delicious. But the most important is the place where to savour these cocktails. Whatever the location chosen, pool, garden or restaurant, long chairs, gazebos or hammocks, you will enjoy breathtaking sunsets. On the picture, the creations of last week. Welcome!


What is the best time to enjoy a delicious cocktail in the tropics? It is undoubtedly the “happy hours” of Dajuma. Imagine yourself comfortably seating in the gazebos of our tropical garden or on the underwater stools of our pools, with the sun declining on the horizon. Because Dajuma is oriented full west, with breathtaking sunsets that you will never forget. Our bartenders love to surprise you with every day new creations that enrich an already busy cocktail menu. Something we would much like to introduce you to on your next visit. See you soon!


In Balinese culture, “Jamu” is a key word and a art of living. It is also the name of one of our popular « healthy coolers ». Why such a name? Because in Bahasa Indonesia, its meaning is “treatment of diseases by plants” and we would translate it by phytotherapy. In each Balinese family, there is is an ancestral know how transmitted from generation to generation about the vertues of the plants. With the help of local specialists, we elaborated at Dajuma some healthy drinks based on local plants which are not only good at taste but also revigorating and much appreciated by our guests. On the picture, a sample of these unique ingredients entering into the recipe of our Jamu healthy drink: turmeric, tamarin and lime. Selamat minum (Cheers)!


What a strange fruit this Dragon Fruit, also known as Pitaya in the Americas! It is one of these emblematic tropical fruits from the cactus which makes so surprised our guests from abroad. Surprise because of its external appearance looking like a flame, and second surprise when opening it, either white or pink inside with its crunchy seeds!
During the rainy season, we are used to serve the dragon fruits in three different manners: on fruit platter, as fresh juices or as jam with cinnamon.
Regularly, some guests who really like our dragon fruit homemade jam with cinnamon want to bring back home some as a souvenir. Don’t miss to taste this delicious fruit next time you visit us!


What is the best moment in the day to savour a mango cocktail, with or without alcohol? This is a good question very much depending on your mood and envies! At Dajuma, we offer a large selection of cocktails and mocktails all the day long, made from fresh fruits and ingredients. Our bartenders are always ready to prepare something special just for you. They have a lot of imagination! Just try it, you will love it!


Our welcome drinks are particularly appreciated by our guests who often ask the question « How do you make this delicious beverage ? ». The answer is very simple : everyday, we pick fresh coconuts directly from the property, from which we extract the juice and some flesh which are then mixed with lime and ice. On the picture, a set of coconuts going down from the coconut tree and ready to be processed. Selamat minum !


Because of its orientation full West, Dajuma is the ideal place where to enjoy stunning sunsets while savoring a delicious cocktail prepared by our waiters. During sunsets, at low tide, the cape in front of Dajuma is often discovered and gives rise to an amazing spectacle where local families come to bathe (the famous “mandi mandi”) while fishermen are preparing their prahos for the night fishing. A rare moment of serenity to savor without limits!


Where is the best place  to unwind during summertime after a long and hectic professional year? The answer is definitively here at Dajuma, far from the hustle and bustle of big cities, where our staff will have thousands of attentions to make your stay unforgettable.
Let’s take an example of a perfect day in paradise: wake-up in the morning not too late to see the dawn while strolling on the beach for one hour. Around eight, time for breakfast in the garden just in front of the spectacular cape where hundreds of birds are playing with the tide. After that, it’s time for activities such as yoga, sporting or touring around the nearby authentic West Bali. After the lunch taken in one of our 3 restaurants perhaps would you like to make a break like this nice lady on the picture or join our wellness center for a revigorating massage. The dusk coming around 6:30 p.m. it is time to savor a delicious cocktail  before dining in a romantic atmosphere either on the beach or in front of one of our Teppanyaki cook. A day fully occupied, perfectly balanced between physical and cultural activities, where the master word is “relax”!


Mango is this emblematic fruit from tropical areas in the world. Absolutely delicious and good for health with its vitamin A, when consumed mature. But it is not available all the year long, so we cannot enjoy it every time. For the next 3 months, it is now Mango Season in Bali , i.e. time to enjoy the fresh mangoes in all possible forms: fresh fruit juices, dessert with ice cream, or even cooked with some meat or fish. You should visit us and enjoy the beautiful Dajuma panorama while savoring a glass of mango juice at sunset time!