When we go on vacation to the other side of the world, we attach a lot of importance, and rightly so, to the quality of the beaches of the hotel we have chosen: is it sand or rocks, clean and well maintained, is it light (coral) or dark (volcanic) sand? Dajuma, being located on a cape which is discovered at low tide for several hundred meters, is lucky to be surrounded by 3 very different beaches for all tastes: to the east, more than 20 km of fine sandy beaches almost virgin suitable for walking and jogging, to the west, the ocean is much calmer and a large sandy beach shared with local fishermen is suitable for swimming and body boarding. Between the two is the protective cape with its natural pots and corals which are discovered at low tide, a true paradise for children.

Now the question that often comes up: is the sand coral or volcanic? Well the answer is “both”. Indeed, depending on the tides and the times of the year, the ocean brings back either coral sand as shown in the photo, or volcanic sand, even softer to the feet and shining with a thousand lights.

Other questions that come up often: are they clean and what about sunsets? The answer is absolutely yes in both cases, because every day they are thoroughly cleaned by our staff. It is part of our eco-policy. The orientation of Dajuma being due west the sunsets are magnificent.

Last point to emphasize specific to Dajuma, we offer our guests massages on the beach in direct contact with the volcanic rock loaded with trace elements. Followed by a visit to the hammam and the hot tub of our spa, they guarantee you a perfect fitness! Welcome to our exciting Balinese beaches!


All our customers know the monument to the glory of Colonel N’Gurah Rai who landed on the beach in front of Dajuma in 1946 to fight and prepare for the independence of Indonesia. Due to its position in the submerged area at high tide of the beach, this iconic monument suffers daily assaults from the ocean and must be regularly repaired. This is what happened last week. Our team of masons-artists has completely restored this beautiful monument to the delight of the surrounding villagers and our guests. Nice work guys!


This week, we experienced a sad event with the stranding of a baby whale shark on the beach of Pekutatan, close to Dajuma. Despite the efforts to put it back in the water it was not possible to save it, as the weight of this animal is phenomenal, being able to reach up to 30 tons and a size of 20 m in adulthood. In almost 20 years of presence in Pekutatan, we have only very rarely experienced this type of event, but each time it is a great emotion when you feel powerless to save such a beautiful animal.

Cape Dajuma: a natural wonder

A particularity of Dajuma is its cape which extends full west over 300 meters at sea. It is an amazing place to walk in direct contact with nature. Of volcanic origin, it reveals at low tide an incredibly rich underwater life which fascinates adults as well as children. And at the end of it, you will be totally surprised with the discovery, on foot dry, of beautiful corals, in full health. To discover absolutely next time you visit us again!


For the second consecutive year, the World Cleanup Day took place in Bali like everywhere in the world, on September 21st. Born from an Estonian initiative in 2018 and from previous successes of global cleaning efforts, the World Cleanup Day is aimed at combating the global solid waste problem, including the marine debris. In Bali this year, 9 cities held a cleaning activity simultaneously from 7 to 9 o’clock on this date. As shown on the pictures, some of our team did participate to the cleaning of Delod Berawah Beach (near by the buffalo race circuit). It was initiated by the Indonesian national army, government, tourism actors, environmentalists and the civil society, in order to keep Bali green, clean and free from plastic waste. Needless to say that it should not happen once a year, but everyday, as we do in Dajuma!


From April to November, we are lucky to see each year the laying of sea turtles on the beaches surrounding Dajuma. The eggs are quickly brought to the sea turtle conservatory in Perancak that we support for years. After 50 to 70 days the eggs hatch in a protected place, giving birth to baby turtles. Our customers and especially children are always very excited to follow the process until the birth of baby turtles. And what an emotion when you take into your hands these beings still so fragile to put them to sea safely!


Dajuma is also the place in West Bali where it is nice to stop over for a delicious lunch on the beach. This is what is shown on these pictures where 2 groups of guests stop recently for a revigorating break around our delicious specialty called Balinese Rijsttafel. Imagine a traditional tray called Rsi Bojana, normally used for offerings, where are disposed 6 different dishes typical of Balinese cuisine. A culinary experience which is worth it. Why don’t you also stop over next time you travel from/to Java or Menjangan? We would be delighted to welcome you!


Among our beach activities which cover swimming, fishing, snorkeling, diving, kayaking, sailing, SUP, bodyboarding, there is one which is particularly appreciated by our guests: surfing. Why? For 3 main reasons: the West beach of Dajuma is just ideal to learn. The waves are not too strong and the sandy beach is never a problem when you fall down, which is frequent when you start this demanding sport. The second reason is the proximity of a world class surfing spot called Medewi, situated a few minutes from Dajuma. Last but not least reason, is the presence of our surf instructor Jupri who will take care of you throughout the learning process.
No reason why you should not try during your next stay with us!


A wonderful initiative was taken 2 years ago by 2 young surfers Alex and Andrew who decided to found 4OCEANS. In less than 2 years they have been able to create a fleet of boats and trucks aimed at collecting the rubbish everywhere around the island. Easy to recognise on the beach with their blue clothes, 4OCEANS volunteers do clean the beach between Medewi and Dajuma twice a week, hence completing what our own staff is doing every day. We can help them growing by buying on line a nice bracelet
Thank you so much Alex and Andrew for your initiative!


With the rainy season, the rivers in Bali are purged of their dead wood which land a few days after on the beaches. This is what happened this week in Dajuma. By chance, a mango tree trunk, long and massive enough, failed on our beach to the delight of the local fishermen who decided to make a new prao of it. Still a lot of work in perspective but time is not really a problem in Bali! Good luck guys!