This week, Dajuma was again trusted by the Jembrana Regency Government as a venue for training held by the Jembrana Tourism Department, with the theme of optimizing the quality and management of tourist accommodation (homestay/cottage). The training lasts for 3 days, with 2 days of seminars at Dajuma and the last day visiting tourist attractions in Belimbing Sari Village. The training participants were representatives of tourism awareness community, tourism business managers from 10 villages in Jembrana, with a total of 60 participants. This training aims to increase the role of the community in the tourism sector, as well as how managing tourist accommodation (homestay/cottage), how to manage and promote it in the digital era. All participants follow the training while still adhering to the applicable health protocols.


Jembrana is one of the 8 regencies of Bali where Dajuma is located. Its  society will soon hold the regent and the vice regent election. On December 9 the community will use their voting rights to elect the head of Jembrana for the next 5 years. Two pairs of candidates will compete for this election which needs a lot of preparations. The Jembrana’s general election commission who’s responsible for the success of the elections, have some meeting agendas to prepare many things about the elections, such as verify the data of the voters and many more. One of the open plenary meeting was held in Dajuma, with the agenda of recapitulating and determining the final voters lists. All the meeting participants are following the health protocol, wearing mask and keep their distance as shown on the picture.

Inauguration of Jembrana Tourism Board at Dajuma

Very good news this week in the still gloomy landscape of covid 19: the launch of the Jembrana Tourism Promotion Board which is aimed at accommodating the interests of regional tourism actors in close partnership with the local government. This new organisation is aimed at developing and promoting West Bali to attract tourists discovering this preserved part of the island.

Last Wednesday, October 7th 2020, took place its inauguration by the regent of Jembrana in Dajuma.

The organization consist of 9 people (called team 9) from different background.

  1. PHRI (Hotel & Restaurant Association) 2 persons
  2. ASITA (Travel Agent Association) 2 persons
  3. Academic (Universities Udayana & Polytechnic Negeri Bali) 2 persons
  4. HPI (Tour Guide Association) 1 person
  5. Professional Organization (ICA) 1 person
  6. Garuda Indonesia (Airline Company) 1 person

Our GM in charges of Sales and Marketing, I Kade Rondy Ginawan was chosen by the government to be the chief of this organization. Congratulations dear Rondy!
On the picture Rondy in the middle surrounded by his team.

How the villagers of Pekutatan celebrate Independence Day

In August, all Indonesia is keen to comemorate the independence day. Many funny activities were held on this occasion. Having no desire to break with this fine tradition, Pekutatan Village held its own activities, prepared and organised by its villagers. Few days before the independence day, there are some funny games, gate decoration competition using only natural material, Balinese dances performances and many more (see on picture). On August 17th was the formal flag ceremony, with the participation of students from the local schools based in Pekutatan, government officials, police, army and villagers representatives. This year, all the participants of flag ceremony were wearing Balinese traditional dress based on the instruction of the Bali Governor.

Indonesian Independence Day & Negara City Anniversary

To celebrate the independence day on August 17th, Puri Dajuma is used to decorate the lobby and the main gate with red and white ornaments, the colors of the Indonesia flag. All the people in the villages or in the cities are very happy to celebrate the independence day. For Jembrana’ society, August is not only the Nation month but also a special month with the celebration the Negara City Anniversary. Many activities are held such as Fun Games, Industrial and craft exhibition, Art performances, Kite festival and Cultural Parade. All these activities are running during August. Not to be missed during your stay!


Jembrana, the West Bali Regency, is now famous with the Jegog music (Bamboo Orchestra) and the Mekepung (Buffalo Races). But it also has some dances that were originally created by local Jembrana’s artists. These original dances are Luihing Paksi Dance, Mekepung Dance and Cempaka Putih Dance.
Luihing Paksi Dance is inspired by the white starling bird (Jalak Bali), that can only be found in West Bali. It stories about the wildlife of starling bird in the jungle, which plays and flies from one tree to another. This dance is accompanied by Jegog and vocal instruments from the musicians.
Jembrana also has Mekepung Dance which is inspired by the Buffalo Race attractions. This is a new dance creation that reflects the process of the buffalo race, from its preparation and race itself. This dance also accompanied by Jegog Instrument.
The icon of Jembrana’s dance is Cempaka Putih Dance, Cempaka (Magnolia) is one of the flower in Bali. This dance depicts the beauty and fragrant of the white cempaka flower which become one of the means of ceremony or worship of Hindu people. Cempaka Putih dance is accompanied by Jegog music, mixed with metal music instrument (gamelan) and vocal instrument as well. Don’t miss to discover these 3 pearls of West Bali culture on the occasion of your next stay with us!

Wonderful Fabric from Bumi Mekepung

Jembrana, the Bali regency where Dajuma is located, is known as “Gumi Makepung” since it owns the one and only bull-race (read Makepung) in Bali. Another thing that makes Jembrana become one of the place that you should visit is the traditional workshop of hand-made fabric. Jembrana has 2 kinds of fabric called Endek and Songket. On the picture is one of our guest Denise who enjoyed practicing the endek weaving, during her half day trip to discover West Bali.
Just don’t forget to bring home one of them as a beautiful souvenir of West Bali next time you decide to visit us!


This year in Bali, the month of August will be particularly busy in terms of commemorations. Three important anniversaries will be celebrated: Indonesia’s Independent Day on August 17th, Bali’s Anniversary on August 14th and finally Jembrana’s Anniversary on August 15th. A few days before the commemorative day, the government is used to organise several activities which are carried out from the village level up to the National level. On July 28th, the government in Pekutatan sub-district organised an exciting endurance race gathering all the elementary schools in Pekutatan, each school presenting two groups (Male and Female), each group consisting in 17 students. The committee of this event is looking for the best group (male and female) and the winner will participate in the same event at the regency level. Good luck guys!


Puri Dajuma is ideally located to enjoy a specific entertainment from the Jembrana regency: the buffalo races, called « Mekepung ».
On a basis of two races a week during the dry season, it is great to attend this beautiful and colorful show, after getting up early as it is over at 10.30.
Every team, from the driver in balance on the painted wooden yoke, to the buffaloe harnesses, is finely decorated.
Yesterday took place the final race, the most important of the year with one hundred competitors after selection.
The winner received the cup and awards including money from the Jembrana Bupati’s hands.
As the track is close to the sea, it is also great to see the buffaloes pampered by the farmers, then bathing in the shining ocean of the west coast.
A genuine popular atmosphere all along, where the photographers are used to shoot memorable pictures.

Dajuma Cooperation with the new University in Jembrana

Jembrana is the name of the Regency where Puri Dajuma is located. Covering most of the territory of West Bali, including Bali National Park, this regency is renowned for the beauty of its landscapes, the wealth of its culture and the diversity of its flora and fauna. Jembrana is also  developping rapidly from an economical and touristical point of view. Recently a new University called Community College Jembrana was inaugurated. Puri Dajuma is honored to participate in the development of the touristical branch of the University by welcoming students for in-the-field interships.
On the picture, Erly our HR Manager and Rondy our Sales and Marketing Manager receive from the University executives, as symbol of our cooperation, a beautiful statue showing the famous Starling Bird, this magic but so rare bird from West Bali. Long Life to Community College Jembrana!