What could be more enjoyable than discovering Bali by bike? This is what we offer our guests from Dajuma for excursions from the quietest to the most sporty. One of the most popular with our clients is the Tembles Bike Tour. You leave Dajuma around 8am in our adventure jeep, bikes in the back. After a 30-minute drive, you reach a traditional Balinese village called Tembles which is the starting point for your bike ride along the rice fields. You will visit the House of Jegog (traditional West Bali music), the village primary school, the traditional market and the very sacred Rambut Siwi temple at the end. About 4 hours. A perfect activity to keep you in shape and discover an authentic Bali.


A few kilometers from Dajuma, in the sumptuous mountains of West Bali National Park, is a waterfall particularly appreciated by our guests. Its name – Jeruk Manis – is already very evocative because it means “Sweet oranges” in Bahasa Indonesia. It can be reached in 30 minutes by crossing magnificent plantations and enjoying breathtaking views of the Indian ocean. In a green setting, you can then cool off in prestine water without other neighbours than the fantastic nature of Bali. Another unique Dajuma’s escapade not to be missed on your next stay!


Only 30 mn from Dajuma, is a place not like others called Perancak. A place not like others because of the presence of these extraordinary fishing boats called buggies moored in the natural port of a river estuary. But not only. Most of the inhabitants of Perancak live there as fishermen. They have a local food speciality called Pedetan or Bedetan made from the sardenilla lemuru fish. The famous “Bugis boats” start the fishing trip from Perancak, usually the fishermen catch a lot of lemuru fishes and sell them to the fish cannery. The rest of the fishing is usually taken home and processed into Pedetan / Bedetan by the community of women who run a domestic industry in the village. They use a traditional technique to make the Bedetan, starting with cleaning the fish and removing the head, then they will split and fillet. The fish clean then seasoned with selected spices and continued drying in the sun until well dried. It can be kept  up to 2 months and you just need to fry it before eating it. It is crispy and delicious. A must to try next time you visit us!


On December 9th, took place the election of the regent of Jembrana, which is one of the nine regencies (Kabupaten) of Bali where Dajuma is located. Jembrana occupies a specific place in Bali due to its natural treasures such as West Bali National Park, Rambut Siwi Temple, Menjangan Dive Spot, Medewi surf break and many more. Often described in the media as the most authentic and unspoiled part of Bali, Jembrana occupies an area of 842 km2 and has around 300,000 inhabitants spread over five districts (Kecamatan), Pekutatan being one of them. The lucky winners of this 2020 election are the tandem Mr. I Nengah Tamba (Regent)  and Mr. I Gede Ngurah Patriana Krisna (Vice Regent) with the slogans “Jembrana Kembali Jaya” which means « Bring back the glory of Jembrana”. Congratulations!

Inauguration of Jembrana Tourism Board at Dajuma

Very good news this week in the still gloomy landscape of covid 19: the launch of the Jembrana Tourism Promotion Board which is aimed at accommodating the interests of regional tourism actors in close partnership with the local government. This new organisation is aimed at developing and promoting West Bali to attract tourists discovering this preserved part of the island.

Last Wednesday, October 7th 2020, took place its inauguration by the regent of Jembrana in Dajuma.

The organization consist of 9 people (called team 9) from different background.

  1. PHRI (Hotel & Restaurant Association) 2 persons
  2. ASITA (Travel Agent Association) 2 persons
  3. Academic (Universities Udayana & Polytechnic Negeri Bali) 2 persons
  4. HPI (Tour Guide Association) 1 person
  5. Professional Organization (ICA) 1 person
  6. Garuda Indonesia (Airline Company) 1 person

Our GM in charges of Sales and Marketing, I Kade Rondy Ginawan was chosen by the government to be the chief of this organization. Congratulations dear Rondy!
On the picture Rondy in the middle surrounded by his team.

We are launching our new website this week

This week, we have the immense pleasure of presenting you our new website whose development will have lasted 3 months. We will long remember this version developed during the off-peak weeks of the pandemic!

So what’s new in this new version?

First of all, we wanted to improve the informative and photographic content. This is how all the rooms are now described in detail including a detailed plan of each of them. We did the same for all the other departments of the hotel, catering, spa, garden, nautical activities, excursions, etc. We also highlighted the extraordinary beauty and diversity of West Bali through new photos and inspiring texts. But the most important is our new pricing policy which guarantees the best deal if reservations are made on our website. We have finally given a lot of space to our dear staff and our commitments in favor of our natural and human environment.

Let us know your impressions. We will be happy to update our website based on your comments!

Why West Bali should be on your travel list after the pandemic

Being quarantined for couple of months might be bring something boredom to yourselves, especially for those who are used to do their activities outside home. Now, there is  a question about what will we do after the pandemic passed over? One of the best thing  is traveling, either domestic or overseas and West Bali must be on your list. Why? Because West Bali with its secret vibration will recharge your energy and soul. This is what Bali used to be, totally authentic beautiful nature and culture. And in the heart of it, Dajuma is the place where to stay! We look forward to welcoming you soon!


What is the best time to enjoy a delicious cocktail in the tropics? It is undoubtedly the “happy hours” of Dajuma. Imagine yourself comfortably seating in the gazebos of our tropical garden or on the underwater stools of our pools, with the sun declining on the horizon. Because Dajuma is oriented full west, with breathtaking sunsets that you will never forget. Our bartenders love to surprise you with every day new creations that enrich an already busy cocktail menu. Something we would much like to introduce you to on your next visit. See you soon!


This year again, Dajuma was invited by the Ministry of Tourism of Indonesia to participate as exhibitor in the famous ITB Berlin from March 6th to 10th.
With 10’000 exhibitors and 160’000 visitors from 180 countries and 6 continents, ITB is the most important tourism fair in the world.
A unique opportunity for Dajuma to meet our European partners and invent with them some new services which will hopefully astonish our guests!


Among greatest pleasures we can have during our vacation, reading books in inspiring locations such as Dajuma comes in the first positions. Not so fashionable compared with reading on smartphones and tablets? Not true! The idea and the pictures of this blog come from one of our guest, fond of reading. Hence, year after year our library had enriched with books left by our guests from all around the world, in all languages. Installed in a comfortable long chair with the breeze of the ocean and the song of the birds as companions, is there a better place where to savor a good book?