This week, we decided to post on Dewi, the daughter of our late Indra and Kadek, our priest and restaurant manager. Dewi has grown into a beautiful and happy young woman who just finished high school and will soon be entering university when the Covid 19 crisis will be behind us. Her older sister Eka, a few years older, has just completed her Master’s degree in civil engineering and is looking now for her first job. Like everywhere in the world, the period is perhaps not the best one for that but, fortunately, Bali has a lot of infrastructure projects in preparation.
To readers of this blog looking for a civil engineer, do not hesitate for a second to recruit Eka. You will be amazed by her abilities and her human qualities. Congratulations young ladies, we are very proud of you!


First time in Dajuma life, 2 of our employees will be retiring soon. Misrin and Kadek have respectively 17 years and 9 years of service with Dajuma. Our guests will certainly remember their grand smiles and … their moustaches! Since the beginning of Dajuma in 2002, Misrin was part of our security team, taking care of the safety of our guests 24h, always ready to help during the night including late arrivals. Kadek was one of our driver, particularly appreciated by our guests for his soft and safe driving and his deep knowledge of West Bali. According to the Indonesian labor law, both are leaving at 57 in full shape and a lot of ideas in mind: open a warung for Kadek and take care of a farm for Misrin. On the picture the farewell party organised by their colleagues. Thank you so much for your commitment with Dajuma. We wish you a healthy and joyful retirement!


Like everywhere in the world, Indonesia celebrated last week the end of the Ramadan, called Idul Fitri in this country. After one month of fasting, our muslim staff was happy to celebrate this important event by visiting neighbors and family, exchanging gifts and wishes. A great moment of sharing! On the picture, top right, a car decorated as a mosquee, driven around the village the night before Eid Mubarak (Malam Takbir), top & bottom left: picture of our staff Jasuli and Aziz with their family, bottom right: Dajuma visiting another staff member, Misrin family.


Because we share the same love for West Bali, its unique lanscapes, people and culture we decided to go for a close partnership with the Five Pillars Foundation, a community development organization which offers to our guests thematic journeys covering most cultural, artistic and natural treasures of West Bali. Six programs are proposed to our guests:

  1. The Richness of Nature: An Adventure into Local Sustainable Agriculture, which showcases the experiences of local farmers and how they produce products such as coffee, rice, cacao, mushrooms and coconut oil;
  2. Reconnecting with Nature: Exploring Paradise, which takes on a more recreational orientation and is designed for those who want to be physically active and explore nature;
  3. The Essence of Bali: Nature, Community & Spirit, which helps visitors explore Balinese perspectives on what it means to be a good human being and how to live in this world;
  4. Peoples & Communities of Bali, which provides a unique opportunity for visitors to meet villagers from various walks of life, including artists, local changemakers, craftmen and religious leaders;
  5. The Arts & Culture of West Bali, which showcases local artistic traditions such as ceremonies, music, dance, and knifemaking, and
  6. Bali Safari: The Plants & Animals of West Bali, which provides special emphasis on the lives of wild and domesticated animals and includes meeting rescued reptiles and other wildlife, butterflies, and domesticated goats.

On the picture, a good illustration of programme 5, discovery of the artistic life in West Bali: the picture was taken at one of artist’s house family in Melaya Sub-District. From left to right Rondy, Ganda, Dina (Dajuma), Gusti Biyang (Ulon craftsman), Alice (FPF), Aji Mang De (bamboo instrument craftsman) Alan (FPF) Mang De (Talented Artist) and Ngurah (FPF).
The best way to discover the hidden treasures of West Bali! Enjoy it!


A campaign with the slogan “I am in Bali now” was launched recently to encourage tourists to come to Bali despite the situation of Agung volcano which fortunately seems to return to slumber. Our guests were happy to participate in it by taking pictures showing their pleasure to be in Bali. By its location 80 km from the volcano, Dajuma is in a safe area where the risk of being disturbed by the volcano is anyway very weak. We wish you a very nice stay in the Island of the Gods!


Our front desk supervisor Agus, is much appreciated by our guests for his kindness and professionalism. Last wednesday, we had the pleasure to share with him and his family, in his beautiful house of Gumbrih, an important ceremony called “Nyambutin”. The first 3 months of his life, a Balinese baby still belongs to the Gods and cannot put even one foot on the ground. The Nyambutin ceremony aims at welcoming the baby in the world of humans and this is what happened to Agus’ son called Stiven Rama Diasta a few days ago. A warm welcome to Stiven and our congratulations to Agus and his wife Puji Astani!


A festive and joyful celebration took place at Dajuma last week on the occasion of Kayna’ 21st birthday. Kayna is the daughter of our neighbors and good friends Murni and Simon who already celebrated the wedding of their other daughter in 2012 at Dajuma.
Kayna is curently studying in the University of Melbourne in the third and last year of a Bachelor degree in Business and Commerce.  She wants to continue next year with a Master’s Degree in Management. A brilliant and pretty young lady for whom we wish every success! On the picture surrounded by her university friends and parents in Dajuma garden just after sunset.

Dajuma’s CSR: Go study auction

Though we wish to preserve Bali’s beautiful countryside by reducing Dajuma’s environmental footprint, we are concerned by Bali’s needs in terms of our Corporate Social Responsibility.

On this topic, one major priority remains allowing children to go to school. As such, our team chose supporting Bali Children Foundation: Its main objective is to provide community education in remote areas of Bali.

Since July 2014, the BCF has increased their number of scholarships to cover the education of approximately 1000 students living across 30 communities and 2 children’s homes.

For the second time, this dynamic foundation has been organizing  the Go Study Auction on October 28th. The previous edition in April helped supporting 5 communities and 1 children’s home in West Bali.

Our team is very excited to support this great initiative for education of underprivileged children.

Who are our guests? The example of Argos engineers.

Argos is a name well-known from the public because of these famous aeronautical beacons which ensure the safety of all flights around the world. Probably you already heard about it.
As an eco-resort, Dajuma is proud to welcome Florent and Pascal who are working for PT CLS Argos Indonesia, a subsidiary of the french companies CNES (Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales) and Ifremer. They visit us every month for a few days, their role consisting in supervising an important project in Perancak.
CLS Argos company is specialised in the observation of our planet from space and has revolutionised understanding and protection of our environment. At the core of this system: Argos beacons, altimeters for ocean observation, space radars which monitor maritime regions. The CNES subsidiary operates and processes data from more than 80 instruments on board of nearly 40 satellites.
As such, CLS is a major contributor to global efforts in the field of environmental monitoring, sustainable management of marine resources and maritime safety.
You will be always most welcome at Dajuma!

Metatah Ceremony

In the Hindu religion there are 5 great elements belonging to Mother Nature: earth, water, air, fire and space. The humankind being part of it, each of these powers must be strongly linked to the humans, our bones to the earth, our blood to the water, our energy to the air, our body temperature to the fire and all of the orifices of the human body to the space.
An important ceremony called Metatah in Bali consists in filing the teeth of boys and girls reaching the adult’s age. This small sacrifice is a purification exercise aimed at reinforcing the link between humans and the earth.
On the picture Gusti Ayu Meggy Andari from our staff’ families, just went through this important event, unique in her adults’ life. Our sincere congratulations!