After a year 2020 without any tourism fairs all closed due to the pandemic, Dajuma was particularly happy to participate in the annual tourism promotion event, the now famous Bali and Beyond Travel Fair (BBTF). It ran from Tuesday (8/6) to Saturday (12/6) at the Bali International Convention Center (BICC) in Nusa Dua and brought together more than 150 buyers. Of these, 64 overseas buyers mainly from UK, France, Australia, some from USA and also Asian countries participated virtually, while buyers from Indonesia were able to participate physically. The tourism offer was represented by 125 vendors coming from 11 provinces of the archipelago. Puri Dajuma was at booth number A72. A good vintage that bodes well for a long-awaited return to normal!
On the picture Rondy, our GM in charge of Sales and Marketing surrounded by some colleagues.


The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy (Kemenparekraf) recently invited business players in the tourism sector to register for the CHSE Certification program (Cleanliness, Health, Safety & Environment Sustainability).
This new CHSE certification scheme serves as a guarantee for tourists and the public that the products and services provided meet hygiene, health, safety and environmental sustainability protocols. It is one of the strategies to face a period of adaptation to new habits in the tourism and creative economy sector.
After previously Dajuma had received a New Normal Adaptation certificate from the Jembrana Regent, now Dajuma has also registered in the Ministry of Tourism’s Creative Economy CHSE certification program.
On Monday, the officer conducted an audit of the requirements that the hotel must fulfill in order to obtain the certificate. From the results of the audit carried out, in the near future we will receive the certificate. It is one step further in favor of the protection of our natural and human environnement that we are particularly happy to achieve!
On the picture from left to right, Kadek, Dina and the 2 auditors from the ministry.


As an effort to help the tourism sector in Bali during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Bali Provincial Tourism Office in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy of the Republic of Indonesia is organizing Health Protocol Campaigns focused on Cleanliness, Health, Safety, and Environmental Sustainability from October to November 2020.  They started on October 7th 2020 with a total of 400 participants involved in 10 sessions, including the visit of tourist attractions and the conduct of  tourist activities. They enjoy the uniqueness of each tourist attraction and stay overnight in the area. In addition they learn the protocols ensuring the Cleanliness, Health, Safety, and Environment protection (CHSE).

Puri Dajuma is one of the hotels where the participants of the Bali Bangkit program stay for 1 night. During October and November, Puri Dajuma accommodates 10 different groups with 10 participants in each group. On the picture, the 6th Bali Bangkit Group took a picture in the lobby before they leave the hotel, wearing a mask and maintaining a safe distance.


This week, Dajuma was again trusted by the Jembrana Regency Government as a venue for training held by the Jembrana Tourism Department, with the theme of optimizing the quality and management of tourist accommodation (homestay/cottage). The training lasts for 3 days, with 2 days of seminars at Dajuma and the last day visiting tourist attractions in Belimbing Sari Village. The training participants were representatives of tourism awareness community, tourism business managers from 10 villages in Jembrana, with a total of 60 participants. This training aims to increase the role of the community in the tourism sector, as well as how managing tourist accommodation (homestay/cottage), how to manage and promote it in the digital era. All participants follow the training while still adhering to the applicable health protocols.

Inauguration of Jembrana Tourism Board at Dajuma

Very good news this week in the still gloomy landscape of covid 19: the launch of the Jembrana Tourism Promotion Board which is aimed at accommodating the interests of regional tourism actors in close partnership with the local government. This new organisation is aimed at developing and promoting West Bali to attract tourists discovering this preserved part of the island.

Last Wednesday, October 7th 2020, took place its inauguration by the regent of Jembrana in Dajuma.

The organization consist of 9 people (called team 9) from different background.

  1. PHRI (Hotel & Restaurant Association) 2 persons
  2. ASITA (Travel Agent Association) 2 persons
  3. Academic (Universities Udayana & Polytechnic Negeri Bali) 2 persons
  4. HPI (Tour Guide Association) 1 person
  5. Professional Organization (ICA) 1 person
  6. Garuda Indonesia (Airline Company) 1 person

Our GM in charges of Sales and Marketing, I Kade Rondy Ginawan was chosen by the government to be the chief of this organization. Congratulations dear Rondy!
On the picture Rondy in the middle surrounded by his team.


Difficult, this week, to speak of anything other than the pandemic whose effects are felt throughout the tourism industry. Despite the few reported cases, Bali is not spared because the decisions taken by foreign governments to limit the movements of their nationals have a negative impact on the attendance of the island. Dajuma like the other hotels is not immune to the decline in activity.
So, in this new context, the only thing to do is to remain optimistic, hoping that things will return to normal quickly. In the meantime, all arrangements are made at the hotel to ensure optimum sanitary conditions for our guests.
Also important, to allow them to book without fear in the coming weeks, we have revised our cancellation policy by allowing cancellations without charge, until the day before the stay. Similarly, postponements of stays are possible at no cost.
Take good care of yourself and see you soon back in Dajuma!


Close to Dajuma, is the State Plantation of Pulukan which is one of the preferred eco-tours of our guests. Imagine a huge 1200 ha area planted with all sorts of trees: coconut, coffee, cacao, clove trees, and the most popular, rubber trees from which the sap is extracted and treated on site in a workshop.
Our guests enjoy this 4 hours tour by 4WD jeep and by foot. It ends on top of the plantation by a revigorating lunch with a breathtaking view of the ocean. On the picture, Jeremie and Vanina from France with their guides Mertha and Sumawa, were offered rubber bracelets which present this astonishing property to automatically solder when you join their extremities. A small souvenir of a great moment of sharing with Mother Nature!


From April to November, we are lucky to see each year the laying of sea turtles on the beaches surrounding Dajuma. The eggs are quickly brought to the sea turtle conservatory in Perancak that we support for years. After 50 to 70 days the eggs hatch in a protected place, giving birth to baby turtles. Our customers and especially children are always very excited to follow the process until the birth of baby turtles. And what an emotion when you take into your hands these beings still so fragile to put them to sea safely!

Dajuma at the front-page of GreenPearls Newsletter

Since 6 years, Dajuma is member of Greenpearls community. Year after year, this German company built a network of tourism professionals by carefully selecting after an in-depth audit, those really committed to the protection of their natural and cultural environment. Regularly, Greenpearls publishes the unique stories of its partners for whom environmental protection and social equity governs everyday operation.
This month we are happy to be in the spotlight of Greenpearls Newsletter together with West Bali. It perfectly reflects the spirit of this part of Bali, particularly appreciated by the visitors for its beauty and authenticity. Thank you Greenpearls to help us promoting this hidden gem!
In English
In German


This year again, Dajuma was invited by the Ministry of Tourism of Indonesia to participate as exhibitor in the famous ITB Berlin from March 6th to 10th.
With 10’000 exhibitors and 160’000 visitors from 180 countries and 6 continents, ITB is the most important tourism fair in the world.
A unique opportunity for Dajuma to meet our European partners and invent with them some new services which will hopefully astonish our guests!