PLASTIC RECYCLING IN BALI: A REVOLUTION… Puri Dajuma, Beach Eco-Resort & Spa, West Bali

Located in Tabanan, only 1 hour drive from Dajuma, is this new and unique company in Indonesia, called ENVIRO PALLETS which is able to recycle any plastic waste into pallets weighing 14 kg each, able to carry 4 tons without moving, 1,2 ton when moving. Originated from New Zealand and working with a patented process owned by Range International, this company produces already 500 to 600 pallets per day and they plan to have another factory in Surabaya. Their pallets are less expensive than the wood ones (good to know that 41% of the wood cut in the world is used to produce 4,6 billions of wood pallets and similar products every year!) They have already customers  abroad like Coca-Cola worldwide including another product for bottle cases. They buy the clean plastic only: 2000 Rp per kilo for the best quality (A) to 500 Rp for the worst one (D). But It is still hard for them to collect the plastic in Bali. We will do our best to promote this fantastic opportunity in Bali which completes our in house recycling process for glass bottles already operational.  It also makes our plastic recycling greener by avoiding to send our plastic to Java which was the case before.


  1. Chris

    Hey there
    I think your recycling copmany is a great thing.
    Have you thought of recycling plastic for clothing? Would that be possible?
    Would there be a lost of quality? Would does the material come out?
    I have a bit of questions and would be very happy if you could answere a few.

  2. Althea Tollemache

    Good morning, our family is currently residing in Bali with my youngest at Green School. I am very interested in creating beautiful home wares using recycled resin. Do you know of any one doing this that I could connect with or do you have capacity to create? With anticipation and thanks, Althea Tollemache

  3. Louis

    Hi Althea, I recommend you to contact Bookgreener organisation in Bali. They have a lot of connections with suppliers, artists, etc dealing with plastic recycling. The head of Bookgreener is Alex, ( a good friend of us.
    Good Luck!

  4. Alanah

    Hi there,
    I have a hat business and I’m sourcing recycled plastic for the peaks of the hats. Is this something you could help me out with? Any information would be greatly appreciated as I try and become more sustainable!
    Thanks so much

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