A wonderful initiative was taken 2 years ago by 2 young surfers Alex and Andrew who decided to found 4OCEANS. In less than 2 years they have been able to create a fleet of boats and trucks aimed at collecting the rubbish everywhere around the island. Easy to recognise on the beach with their blue clothes, 4OCEANS volunteers do clean the beach between Medewi and Dajuma twice a week, hence completing what our own staff is doing every day. We can help them growing by buying on line a nice bracelet
Thank you so much Alex and Andrew for your initiative!


As waste management is progressing in Bali, Puri Dajuma took the opportunity to be an actor in Jembrana regency on the occasion of last Saturday’s worldwide “Clean Up Day”.
Located just after the well known Medewi surf break, Yeh Sumbul’s large beach was the place chosen for this event.
Here gathered in a friendly atmosphere, villagers, hotels employees from Pekutatan and Medewi, guests, students and teachers from the Junior High school. After they added pieces of garbage on several heaps, the participants had some food and beverage while listening the speeches from the authorities about the sense of this great day.
On the picture the Dajuma team wears its large specific juter bags made on purpose to replace plastic bags.
Thanks to our 8 pillars eco-policy ( we do our utmost to limit our impact on our exceptional environment. But, to be honest, it is not always easy because so many wrappings made of plastic are still in use in the daily life of Balinese. It is particularly true for straws: we already exchanged them for bamboo straws some years ago. Every friday, our staff also cleans all around the resort involving as much as possible the villages’ young generations. But there is still a long way to go…


Located in Tabanan, only 1 hour drive from Dajuma, is this new and unique company in Indonesia, called ENVIRO PALLETS which is able to recycle any plastic waste into pallets weighing 14 kg each, able to carry 4 tons without moving, 1,2 ton when moving. Originated from New Zealand and working with a patented process owned by Range International, this company produces already 500 to 600 pallets per day and they plan to have another factory in Surabaya. Their pallets are less expensive than the wood ones (good to know that 41% of the wood cut in the world is used to produce 4,6 billions of wood pallets and similar products every year!) They have already customers  abroad like Coca-Cola worldwide including another product for bottle cases. They buy the clean plastic only: 2000 Rp per kilo for the best quality (A) to 500 Rp for the worst one (D). But It is still hard for them to collect the plastic in Bali. We will do our best to promote this fantastic opportunity in Bali which completes our in house recycling process for glass bottles already operational.  It also makes our plastic recycling greener by avoiding to send our plastic to Java which was the case before.


As part of our eco-policy, composting is a must! By the action of bacteria and other micro-organisms over a period of time, we can eliminate 80% of the waste generated by our kitchens and the maintenance of our gardens. Many types of organic matter such as leaves, fruit and vegetable peelings, animal residues contribute to making a good compost. The end of the process after 3 to 6 weeks is very different from the original materials. It is dark brown, crumbly with a pleasant smell and used to fertilize the garden. But making compost in tropical areas is not so easy. After having carefully studied the possibilities, our gardeners team decided to go ahead by installing a compost area which is now fully operational since the beginning of June. We hope that this experience will generate many other similar installations in the village and beyond. Well done guys!


« For a Better World » is the slogan of Ecozine, a magazine which reaches 50’000 readers every month and is recognised as the comprehensive eco lifestyle resource for Asia.
In their last issue, they feature a travel article about the “Top 11 Eco Beach Holidays” among which Puri Dajuma (which is not located in Ubud as stated in the article but in Pekutatan, West Bali !).
Eco consciousness and sustainability become key factors in the tourism industry and we are proud to have chosen this way since the creation of the resort in 2002.
Today we are expanding the resort with 4 new villas and a huge swimming pool by respecting the most stringent rules in terms of environmental protection and energy saving. We will tell you more in a few weeks! Stay tuned!

Dajuma en route for the GreenTec Award 2015

Thanks to a close cooperation with Greenpearls ( and after a stringent evaluation performed by TÜV Nord and the WWF, our hotel has been selected among the top 10 in the category Travel of the prestigious Green Tec Award 2015.
Next step will consist in collecting as many votes as possible from our guests and partners to have a chance to get the final award. Whatever the result, we are already very proud to have been selected. It crowns 12 years of commitment of our staff in favor of our exceptional natural and social environment. Congratulations guys !

Go green action

Since its inception in 2000, the environment has been a central topic in Dajuma’s operations. Not only any aspect of its hospitality activities has been carefully reviewed to tune the lowest possible environmental impact (selection of organic food from regional suppliers, eco lab products for the cleaning, no chemicals for the garden, …), our team also acts proactively once every 3 weeks by collecting any rubbish left behind by the tide or the rain on the beach, along the road or in the rain forest. Though the area is rural with an initial low environmental concern, Dajuma bit by bit got the support from both the head of the village and that of the regional governor to get the villagers sensitive to the protection of their environment. While a few years ago it took us 3h to get around the whole circuit, we can now close the loop in less than 1 hour. This shows that everybody now pays more attention to the protection of their environment. Our guests also join and take part happily in this responsible action every 3rd saturday or sunday of the month. Our former director I Gede Indra Yasa was a key initiator of this action and though he passed away already one month ago, we strongly feel how important this action is to not only remember him but also put in practice his life guiding principle, the so-called Tri Hita Karana within which the connection between human beings and nature (“pelemahan”) is one of its 3 key building blocks.