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Go green action

Since its inception in 2000, the environment has been a central topic in Dajuma’s operations. Not only any aspect of its hospitality activities has been carefully reviewed to tune the lowest possible environmental impact (selection of organic food from regional suppliers, eco lab products for the cleaning, no chemicals for the garden, …), our team also acts proactively once every 3 weeks by collecting any rubbish left behind by the tide or the rain on the beach, along the road or in the rain forest. Though the area is rural with an initial low environmental concern, Dajuma bit by bit got the support from both the head of the village and that of the regional governor to get the villagers sensitive to the protection of their environment. While a few years ago it took us 3h to get around the whole circuit, we can now close the loop in less than 1 hour. This shows that everybody now pays more attention to the protection of their environment. Our guests also join and take part happily in this responsible action every 3rd saturday or sunday of the month. Our former director I Gede Indra Yasa was a key initiator of this action and though he passed away already one month ago, we strongly feel how important this action is to not only remember him but also put in practice his life guiding principle, the so-called Tri Hita Karana within which the connection between human beings and nature (“pelemahan”) is one of its 3 key building blocks.

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