For the second consecutive year, the World Cleanup Day took place in Bali like everywhere in the world, on September 21st. Born from an Estonian initiative in 2018 and from previous successes of global cleaning efforts, the World Cleanup Day is aimed at combating the global solid waste problem, including the marine debris. In Bali this year, 9 cities held a cleaning activity simultaneously from 7 to 9 o’clock on this date. As shown on the pictures, some of our team did participate to the cleaning of Delod Berawah Beach (near by the buffalo race circuit). It was initiated by the Indonesian national army, government, tourism actors, environmentalists and the civil society, in order to keep Bali green, clean and free from plastic waste. Needless to say that it should not happen once a year, but everyday, as we do in Dajuma!


A wonderful initiative was taken 2 years ago by 2 young surfers Alex and Andrew who decided to found 4OCEANS. In less than 2 years they have been able to create a fleet of boats and trucks aimed at collecting the rubbish everywhere around the island. Easy to recognise on the beach with their blue clothes, 4OCEANS volunteers do clean the beach between Medewi and Dajuma twice a week, hence completing what our own staff is doing every day. We can help them growing by buying on line a nice bracelet
Thank you so much Alex and Andrew for your initiative!


As waste management is progressing in Bali, Puri Dajuma took the opportunity to be an actor in Jembrana regency on the occasion of last Saturday’s worldwide “Clean Up Day”.
Located just after the well known Medewi surf break, Yeh Sumbul’s large beach was the place chosen for this event.
Here gathered in a friendly atmosphere, villagers, hotels employees from Pekutatan and Medewi, guests, students and teachers from the Junior High school. After they added pieces of garbage on several heaps, the participants had some food and beverage while listening the speeches from the authorities about the sense of this great day.
On the picture the Dajuma team wears its large specific juter bags made on purpose to replace plastic bags.
Thanks to our 8 pillars eco-policy ( we do our utmost to limit our impact on our exceptional environment. But, to be honest, it is not always easy because so many wrappings made of plastic are still in use in the daily life of Balinese. It is particularly true for straws: we already exchanged them for bamboo straws some years ago. Every friday, our staff also cleans all around the resort involving as much as possible the villages’ young generations. But there is still a long way to go…

Keep BALI clean for the world

Saturday May 9th, 2015 was a special day in Bali: under the leadership of the army, thousands of Balinese villagers went around all Bali beaches to clean them up. An exceptional moment where people of all ages collected plastic bags and other garbage brought by the sea and the rivers.
The protection of  its exceptional environment is a real concern in Bali. Millions of tourists visit g the island every year and the way the waste is managed by the authorities is still far from what is needed. Among the necessary measures to be taken, the idea to educate and train the villagers is definitely a good one.
This is what Dajuma is doing in various areas: recycling of glass bottles, compost which can eliminate up to  80% of the domestic waste, cleaning of the beach and the surroundings of the hotel every 2 weeks by our own staff, no effluents to the sea, etc.
Hopefully this initiative will be continued in the coming years !

Cleaning the rubbish around Dajuma

In its eco-policy ( Puri Dajuma pays a lot of attention, among other things, to the cleanliness of its natural environment. Every Friday morning, each department delegates 2 of its staff members to participate in the cleaning of the area by collecting all the rubbish mainly brought by the sea, from the East and West beaches up to the main road. This action is not only in favor of the environment but has also a strong connotation with the Balinese belief system called Tri Hita Karana which is centered on maintaining a harmonious relationship with God, People, and Nature. The philosophy of Tri Hita Karana affirms that happiness, prosperity, and peacefulness are attainable when the three elements of God, Human, and Nature coexist in harmony with each other in everyday life. On the picture, our First Chef Surianta (in orange), our Chief gardener Anom (with the cap) and in the background, behind Surianta, Rondy our Sales & Marketing manager for Asia. An intense moment of solidarity and harmony between our staff and the nature, often shared with our guests!

Dajuma Green hands team

We would like to introduce you Dajuma green hands team: Anom (second from left), is well supported by Gunaya (first from left), Mudita (second from right) and Sunarta. They take good care of our 1.7 Hectares land, where you can find a large variety of species (frangipanier, coral tree, paligata, spider lily, coconut, hibiscus, bougainvilliers, orchidées, roses, corbia, anturium, red palm, peacock tree, ardenium, gardenia, heliconia…). Anom, Gunaya, Mudita and Sunarta make Dajuma tropical garden a real paradise which attracts lot’s of birds and butterflies. In Bali, gardening is experienced as an artistic activity and is transmitted through family everyday life. Our gardeners are also in charge of all temporary decoration in the resort and for special events such as music shows and weddings. Please come and visit this enchanting garden!

Go green action

Since its inception in 2000, the environment has been a central topic in Dajuma’s operations. Not only any aspect of its hospitality activities has been carefully reviewed to tune the lowest possible environmental impact (selection of organic food from regional suppliers, eco lab products for the cleaning, no chemicals for the garden, …), our team also acts proactively once every 3 weeks by collecting any rubbish left behind by the tide or the rain on the beach, along the road or in the rain forest. Though the area is rural with an initial low environmental concern, Dajuma bit by bit got the support from both the head of the village and that of the regional governor to get the villagers sensitive to the protection of their environment. While a few years ago it took us 3h to get around the whole circuit, we can now close the loop in less than 1 hour. This shows that everybody now pays more attention to the protection of their environment. Our guests also join and take part happily in this responsible action every 3rd saturday or sunday of the month. Our former director I Gede Indra Yasa was a key initiator of this action and though he passed away already one month ago, we strongly feel how important this action is to not only remember him but also put in practice his life guiding principle, the so-called Tri Hita Karana within which the connection between human beings and nature (“pelemahan”) is one of its 3 key building blocks.