What could be more enjoyable than discovering Bali by bike? This is what we offer our guests from Dajuma for excursions from the quietest to the most sporty. One of the most popular with our clients is the Tembles Bike Tour. You leave Dajuma around 8am in our adventure jeep, bikes in the back. After a 30-minute drive, you reach a traditional Balinese village called Tembles which is the starting point for your bike ride along the rice fields. You will visit the House of Jegog (traditional West Bali music), the village primary school, the traditional market and the very sacred Rambut Siwi temple at the end. About 4 hours. A perfect activity to keep you in shape and discover an authentic Bali.


Bali is also famous for the beauty of its rice fields. The pandemic crisis has made us nostalgic about this. In Dajuma, we are fortunate to be surrounded by magnificent rice fields which are cultivated all year round with several harvests per year, depending on climatic conditions. What makes them special is the proximity of the volcanic slopes and the sea. We therefore offer several excursions in total immersion with local farmers who teach us how to plant or harvest rice. Parents and children love to discover the practices of this ancestral culture. Would you like to try?


Close to Dajuma, is the State Plantation of Pulukan which is one of the preferred eco-tours of our guests. Imagine a huge 1200 ha area planted with all sorts of trees: coconut, coffee, cacao, clove trees, and the most popular, rubber trees from which the sap is extracted and treated on site in a workshop.
Our guests enjoy this 4 hours tour by 4WD jeep and by foot. It ends on top of the plantation by a revigorating lunch with a breathtaking view of the ocean. On the picture, Jeremie and Vanina from France with their guides Mertha and Sumawa, were offered rubber bracelets which present this astonishing property to automatically solder when you join their extremities. A small souvenir of a great moment of sharing with Mother Nature!


From April to November, we are lucky to see each year the laying of sea turtles on the beaches surrounding Dajuma. The eggs are quickly brought to the sea turtle conservatory in Perancak that we support for years. After 50 to 70 days the eggs hatch in a protected place, giving birth to baby turtles. Our customers and especially children are always very excited to follow the process until the birth of baby turtles. And what an emotion when you take into your hands these beings still so fragile to put them to sea safely!


Last Friday, our guests (Anna and Robert from the Netherlands) had a great experience with the villagers surrounding Dajuma. The Police in Jembrana Regency together with the authorities of Pekutatan sub-district held an event entitled “Planting a Thousand Trees”, to regenerate forests, keep the sustainability of the forests for the next generations and to prevent the disasters (floods, landslides and droughts). It took place in the forest around Pulukan Village. Authorities invited the representatives from all institutions in the whole Pekutatan sub-districts (students, medical personnel, army, villagers from each village in Pekutatan territory) as well as representatives of tourism industry. We invited our guests to join in the event and they were very excited to be involved. After finished the program we walked along the village, Anna and Robert were very happy to see the real life of Balinese village.


It is now a tradition, Dajuma family had the pleasure to discover Bromo and the city of Surabaya on the occasion of their biannual outing.
3 days vacation dedicated to the discovery of one of the most beautiful sites in the world, the famous caldera of the Bromo volcano and the second city of Indonesia often cited as the economic capital city of the country. Split into two groups of approximately 25 people, they left around 6 p.m., to reach Bromo on sunrise. For most of our staff, this journey was for the first time in their life. Needless to say that the spectacular landscape of Bromo will be kept in their heart for ever. Another 3 hours drive in the comfortable bus especially chartered on this occasion and they reached the hectic and exciting Surabaya where the main monuments and attractions were visited the next days. Everybody came back safely with a large smile on their faces!


Is there anything more authentic than discovering a new place by cycling? At Dajuma we encourage as much as possible this way of visiting our area where, behind each curve of the small roads, there is something ubuffanbuffaique to discover. Let’s take an example with our brand new tour called “Tembles Discovery”.  You start from Dajuma around 8 a.m. in our adventure jeep, the bicycles in the back. After 30 mn drive you reach a traditional Balinese village called Tembles which is the starting point of your cycling tour along the rice fields. You will visit the House of Jegog (traditional music from West Bali), the village primary school, the traditional market and the very holy Rambut Siwi Temple at the end. You are back at Dajuma around 12, ready for the lunch.

Dajuma Cultural Experience: Jagatnatha Temples

In Bali there are three famous public temples called Jagatnatha Temples respectively located in Denpasar, Buleleng and Jembrana regencies.
In Jembrana regency, it is situated in Negara City, 25 km from Dajuma. Its erection started in 1996 and was completed in 2002. This one has several specific features compared with the others: a very beautiful architecture and, above all, a 40 meters high « Padmasana » (looking like a tower), which makes it the highest among the three temples. In this temple the people worships Sang Hyang Jagatnatha as the king and the protector of the Universe. The most important ceremony is held once a year (second full moon of Balinese calendar), the Hindu people prays in this temple not only during the temple ceremony but also in other holy days. In the Nista Mandala (outside area) of the temple there is an open stage that is usually used for performing Balinese dances, traditional music and other arts. It also has a beautiful garden. Jembrana government is currently developing a 5.4 hectares piece of land, behind the JagatnathaTemple, as a botanical garden which is still under construction and is targeted to be completed by the end of this year. A holy place which definitively deserves to be visited next time you decide to come over!


Now in Jembrana, the West Bali regency where Dajuma is situated, is the season of the cloves. The villagers of Pekutatan sub district (mostly the villages in the mountain such as Asahduren, Manggis Sari & Bunut Bolong) are very busy with their harvesting. On one of the picture is the “Banggul” traditional bamboo ladder that the farmer use to pick the cloves. Almost in each house the people are drying the cloves. When our guests cross the villages they can not miss the inimitable smell of cloves. They are always excited to discover this so spectacular harvest through our activities: Pekutatan Eco Tourism tour, Secret Waterfall, or Cycling around Dajuma. Welcome!


One outstanding feature of Dajuma is its proximity with the Pulukan State Plantation. Imagine a huge area of 1200 ha planted with all kinds of trees and flowers where kids and parents are happy to discover the wealth of Bali flora. Starting from Dajuma around 9:00 in an especially arranged 4 WD jeep you will see first how is made the rubber from rubber trees, from harvesting the sap and treating it. After a nice walk around the plantation where our guide will explain all the species met on the path, you will be invited to taste a coconut freshly harvested from the tree. Comfortably installed on the roof of the jeep, you will then cross the plantation and rivers up to its culminant point which will be reached for the lunch, a pantagruelic meal prepared in the pure Balinese tradition by our staff. The return to Dajuma will be around 3 p.m. after a stop in the holy place of Bunut Bolong, a famous place in Bali where the road crosses a multi-centenary ficus tree. Enjoy!