On September 25th, Dajuma was happy to celebrate a special event, the wedding of our front desk officer Astari with Riski, previously cook at Dajuma and now teacher at the Negara Hotel School. One day before the celebration, according to the Balinese custom, the families of the fiances invited their relatives to a joyful party in Astari’s family house, located close to Dajuma. And on September 25th was the wedding ceremony, where some of our guests were invited to join and congratulate the young married. We are used to inform our guests about ceremonies around the hotel and pleased to invite them, if they would like to participate in. A day after the wedding day (September 26th ) was the wedding reception at Riski’s house and all of our staff came to attend it. Congratulations Astari and Risky! Our best wishes of happyness!


Last week, on March 11th, two of our staff get married, Dina our sales and marketing supervisor and Nengah, waiter at our restaurants. According to the Balinese tradition they were wearing the so beautiful and traditional wedding dress called “Payas Agung”. All their families, friends and colleagues from Dajuma were around them to celebrate this unique moment. You will certainly recognize their smiles on the picture. Dina (right) with her husband Jordy and Nengah (right) with his wife Indrayani. Congratulations to the four of you! We wish you all the happyness of the world!


Friday night, our guests could hear a nice music in the garden coming from an unusual place close to our Spa. When approaching, they could see an amazing arrangement: the Gazebo entirely decorated for a romantic dinner, closeby, a celebration area also superbly decorated and, between the two, a traditional Rindik orchestra so typical of Bali, composed of 3 players from the surrounding villages.
All this spectacular set-up was arranged by our staff to celebrate the 25th Wedding Anniversary of our guests Mircea & Carmen from Romania. They decided to celebrate it in a little bit unique and different atmosphere in Dajuma. Starting with a blessing wedding ceremony on the beach, then took place the main blessing ceremony, ending up with a romantic dinner accompanied by the traditional Rindik music.
Congratulations dear Carmen and Mircea!


This week took place at Dajuma the wedding of Melinda and Andrew. 68 guests celebrated this union in Dajuma’ garden. After the wedding vow declared by the bride and groom in front of the witnesses, they exchanged their rings. The weds accompanied by their families and friends were then invited to the beach to enjoy a sunset cocktail party, while signing their wedding certificate. A delicious dinner was served followed by a live music and some surprise videos from their friends displayed on screen, all in a very festive and warm atmosphere. Our sincere congratulations to Melinda and Andrew! Thank you for having chosen Dajuma for this so important event in life!


Among cultural experiences offered to our guests there is one which is particularly appreciated: the participation to a local wedding. This is what happened last week to Robert and Janett from Germany who were invited to the wedding ceremony of Agus and Tina, a few kilometers from Dajuma. Agus completed his training as waiter at Dajuma last year. Our front desk staff helped Robert and Janett wear the traditional dressing. They enjoyed a lot this important moment of sharing. Congratulations to the newlyweds !


Last week took place a happy event in the nice village of Gumbrih close to Dajuma: the wedding of our colleague Gusalit with the lovely Dian from Singaraja. According to the tradition, all Dajuma staff was invited in Gusalit’s family house to congratulate the young weds in a warm and joyful atmosphere. Congratulations again dear Gusalit and Dian !


In a very joyful ambiance, Audrey and Matthieu from France got married at Dajuma last week, with all their family and friends around them. After the Hindu blessing in the garden performed by our priest Kadek, the exchange of rings followed by a “vin d’honneur” took place on the beach at sunset. A delicious dinner was served on the new Bendega pool deck with some breaks devoted to Balinese traditional dances, the launch on Chinese lanterns on the sea and a beautiful fireworks. Finally a talentuous modern orchestra from Negara took over for the rest of the party.
We wish Audrey and Matthieu to make a dream of their life and to make of their dream a daily reality. All the best!


Last week took place a sympathetic wedding party at Dajuma with more than 90 guests. After receiving the Hindu blessing in the priest’s house in Griya, the just married Yves from Belgium and Ari from Pekutatan invited their respective families and friends to a joyful party in Dajuma gardens where a delicous buffet, a traditional Jegog orchestra and Balinese dances enchanted the guests. On behalf of Dajuma, we would like to congratulate Yves and Ari and wish them an everlasting happyness!


A festive and joyful celebration took place at Dajuma last week on the occasion of Kayna’ 21st birthday. Kayna is the daughter of our neighbors and good friends Murni and Simon who already celebrated the wedding of their other daughter in 2012 at Dajuma.
Kayna is curently studying in the University of Melbourne in the third and last year of a Bachelor degree in Business and Commerce.  She wants to continue next year with a Master’s Degree in Management. A brilliant and pretty young lady for whom we wish every success! On the picture surrounded by her university friends and parents in Dajuma garden just after sunset.


Another beautiful tradition in Dajuma consists in sophisticated floral decorations which are prepared by all the staff on the occasion of specific events such as anniversaries, honey moons, romantic dinners, wedding ceremonies and Balinese shows on stage.
Most of the staff on duty participates in the preparation of these nice decorations. Here on the picture, is Suadewi, one of our kitchen supervisors, who knows as well how to assemble beautiful  floral compositions and prepare savorous dishes!