Happy Wedding Wayan, Congratulations, Bulleh and Family

Happy Wedding Wayan, Congratulations, Bulleh and Family!

At the end of 2020, one of our family at Dajuma, Sumawa also known as Bulleh and his wife shared a great moment of their son’s wedding. The wedding took place at one of supreme priest house in Yeh Embang Village.  Due to the pandemic, the wedding was held simply, no crowded party and has been following the health protocol recommended by the authorities.

Bulleh’s son, Wayan Wiranata was a former trainee at our restaurant. He married Ni Kadek Fitriani Dewi. Their wedding ceremony was a bit different, since Fitriani is muslim. She had to do one step called Sudi Widani ceremony before the wedding. By performing this ceremony she has legally become a Hindu.

As usual, one day before the wedding day, the other Dajuma’s family attended the wedding reception, to congratulate the couple and their family. In normal situation, we usually invite our guests to participate in such a ceremony nearby the hotel, to immerge in the so rich Balinese culture and surrounding people.

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