When we go on vacation to the other side of the world, we attach a lot of importance, and rightly so, to the quality of the beaches of the hotel we have chosen: is it sand or rocks, clean and well maintained, is it light (coral) or dark (volcanic) sand? Dajuma, being located on a cape which is discovered at low tide for several hundred meters, is lucky to be surrounded by 3 very different beaches for all tastes: to the east, more than 20 km of fine sandy beaches almost virgin suitable for walking and jogging, to the west, the ocean is much calmer and a large sandy beach shared with local fishermen is suitable for swimming and body boarding. Between the two is the protective cape with its natural pots and corals which are discovered at low tide, a true paradise for children.

Now the question that often comes up: is the sand coral or volcanic? Well the answer is “both”. Indeed, depending on the tides and the times of the year, the ocean brings back either coral sand as shown in the photo, or volcanic sand, even softer to the feet and shining with a thousand lights.

Other questions that come up often: are they clean and what about sunsets? The answer is absolutely yes in both cases, because every day they are thoroughly cleaned by our staff. It is part of our eco-policy. The orientation of Dajuma being due west the sunsets are magnificent.

Last point to emphasize specific to Dajuma, we offer our guests massages on the beach in direct contact with the volcanic rock loaded with trace elements. Followed by a visit to the hammam and the hot tub of our spa, they guarantee you a perfect fitness! Welcome to our exciting Balinese beaches!

Cape Dajuma: a natural wonder

A particularity of Dajuma is its cape which extends full west over 300 meters at sea. It is an amazing place to walk in direct contact with nature. Of volcanic origin, it reveals at low tide an incredibly rich underwater life which fascinates adults as well as children. And at the end of it, you will be totally surprised with the discovery, on foot dry, of beautiful corals, in full health. To discover absolutely next time you visit us again!


Because of its unique location straight on the beach, Dajuma offers a variety of sea activities. On top of the list, of course, comes surfing with the famous Medewi spot next door and its long left hand wave. Fishing offshore with the local fishermen is another one particularly apreciated by our guests. Bodyboarding in the waves is very easy to practice and brings a lot of pleasure to everybody from 7 to 77 years old! Stand-up paddle, sailing and kayaking are also 3 ways of discovering the sea in a different way.
On the picture, for their first time in Bali, Ludwig and Vanessa from Germany during their 7 nights stay with us, did some excursions to explore West Bali and decided to try our sea kayak. They enjoyed a lot!


Our guests who love surfing the Medewi wave, the longest left wave in the world with almost 500 meters long, have the choice to get there either by foot along the beach (20 min) or by car (10 min). A free shuttle service is offered to them on demand. On the picture, Juergen with the surfboard, Scott and Laurel from USA enjoy a lot this service, by combining every day, surf at Medewi and relax and wellness at Dajuma.


Dajuma is located next door the fishermen village of Pekutatan and our beach supervisor Jupry, himself son of fisherman, is always happy to invite our guests to go fishing offshore. This is what happened last monday, when our repeater guest Bastian from Germany embarked with Jupry on a traditional praho very early in the morning around 6 a.m., enjoying a beautiful sunrise on the ocean. Bastian was lucky enough to catch a big mackerel fish and he asked our kitchen team to cook it for his dinner. Well done Bastian and Selamat Makan!


The MBR were holding their open surfing contest challenge last weekend at the famous long left hand wave at Medewi. This unmissable event is particularly interesting because it brings together the best surfers in Indonesia with foreign surfers, sometimes coming from far away. Dajuma being located not far from the competition venue (5 minutes by free shuttle or 15 minutes walk by the beach) has attracted this year many surf amateurs, happy to share real emotions in the best possible comfort. Long live the surf!


This week, we decided to publish our blog on the theme “Dajuma Sunsets” but seen from the viewpoint of our guests through their own pictures. Oriented full West the resort presents stunning sunsets which are appreciated by our guests particularly those who like to photograph this natural phenomenon. But the problem is under which angle should we take such picture? Because, from many locations around the resort, the result is different as shown on the photo montage. And that should not stop you from enjoying a good glass of wine. Which angle will be yours?


Because of its location nearby the famous Medewi surfing spot, Dajuma is the ideal place where to stay by combining the best of surfing and the discovery of one of the most rich and authentic parts of Bali. Medewi is renowned for its famously long left-hand wave which has been praised by numerous former surf champions and is ideal for all levels. Our surfing guests love surfing it in the morning and relax or stroll around the rest of the day. We recently received with pleasure from the reward “Top 16 World’s Best Surfcamp”. Looking forward to welcoming you!


Located a few distance from Dajuma is the outstanding surfing spot of Medewi.
Last week-end, on Oct 31st and Nov 1st, Medewi Boardriders in Association with the Jembrana Government organised the “Jembrana Open Of Surfing” competition, with 40million in prize money on offer. The contest is a national one and attracts every year hundreds of surfers from all around the world.


Is there a better place than the cape in front of Dajuma where to find these delicious sea shells such as clams, abalone, whelks, clams or shrimps ? This is what this villager and his son is looking for, near the sunset.
Arguably the volcanic cape  in front of Dajuma is a fantastic window on the underwater life. At low tide you can even see the famous brain coral near the surface of the water. So easy to catch all kinds of shells … without forgetting crabs … so good for the seafood soup!