MESSAGE FROM THE MANAGEMENTALIT & RONDY After an 18-month desert crossing, we are delighted to announce the reopening of Bali airport. For now, only nationals of 19 countries will be welcome: From Europe: France, Hungary, Italy, Liechenstein, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden. From Middle East: Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates. From Asia: […]


The good news has finally arrived !!! Yes, Bali airport reopened its doors and airstrips to international flights on October 14th.

For now, only nationals of 19 countries will be welcome:

  • From Europe: France, Hungary, Italy, Liechenstein, Norway , Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden,
  • From Middle East: Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates,
  • From Asia: China, India, Japan, New Zealand, South Korea.

Hopefully, the list should grow quickly.

We hope that lovers of our beautiful island will be happy and many to come back. Dajuma has remained open throughout this pandemic period and will be able to welcome you in the coming weeks, respecting the necessary sanitary standards without deviating from the best practices of hotel hospitality which have made the reputation of our establishment.
Please come back soon and have a good trip!


This week, Dajuma welcomed nursing staff from Negara general hospital, as a reward for their commitment for 18 months in the fight against COVID 19. For both the Indonesian Ministry of Health and the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy at the origin of this initiative, they have become leading heroes in the management of the health crisis. After struggling to cope with covid 19 for nearly 18 months, the government hopes, by giving this award to health workers, that they can refresh their minds and souls to keep themselves enthusiastic in the fight against all kinds of diseases. This weekend, they made a special entertainment program with all the members, and enjoy a lot their stay with us. They cooked a barbecue dinner and did personal performances. Congratulations guys for your outstanding achievement!


This is the good news of the week! All Dajuma staff received the first injection of the CoronaVac Vaccine of Chinese Sinovac Biotech. Indonesia launched very early, as of January 15, in a vast vaccination campaign by choosing to vaccinate in priority, people aged 18 to 59. To date, 10.4 million people received a first dose, while 3.2 million, ie 1.21% of the population are fully vaccinated. In this context, President Jokowi visiting Bali recently announced a possible reopening of the island to tourism in June or July. May this wish come true! On the photo is our Chef Rudy who received the vaccine like all other employees of the hotels in Jembrana. For this purpose, a vaccination center was installed in Jembrana’s auditorium, with the second injection planned for April 22. Everything is ready to welcome you again in our little paradise. Do not be too long because we miss you!


As an effort to help the tourism sector in Bali during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Bali Provincial Tourism Office in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy of the Republic of Indonesia is organizing Health Protocol Campaigns focused on Cleanliness, Health, Safety, and Environmental Sustainability from October to November 2020.  They started on October 7th 2020 with a total of 400 participants involved in 10 sessions, including the visit of tourist attractions and the conduct of  tourist activities. They enjoy the uniqueness of each tourist attraction and stay overnight in the area. In addition they learn the protocols ensuring the Cleanliness, Health, Safety, and Environment protection (CHSE).

Puri Dajuma is one of the hotels where the participants of the Bali Bangkit program stay for 1 night. During October and November, Puri Dajuma accommodates 10 different groups with 10 participants in each group. On the picture, the 6th Bali Bangkit Group took a picture in the lobby before they leave the hotel, wearing a mask and maintaining a safe distance.

Inauguration of Jembrana Tourism Board at Dajuma

Very good news this week in the still gloomy landscape of covid 19: the launch of the Jembrana Tourism Promotion Board which is aimed at accommodating the interests of regional tourism actors in close partnership with the local government. This new organisation is aimed at developing and promoting West Bali to attract tourists discovering this preserved part of the island.

Last Wednesday, October 7th 2020, took place its inauguration by the regent of Jembrana in Dajuma.

The organization consist of 9 people (called team 9) from different background.

  1. PHRI (Hotel & Restaurant Association) 2 persons
  2. ASITA (Travel Agent Association) 2 persons
  3. Academic (Universities Udayana & Polytechnic Negeri Bali) 2 persons
  4. HPI (Tour Guide Association) 1 person
  5. Professional Organization (ICA) 1 person
  6. Garuda Indonesia (Airline Company) 1 person

Our GM in charges of Sales and Marketing, I Kade Rondy Ginawan was chosen by the government to be the chief of this organization. Congratulations dear Rondy!
On the picture Rondy in the middle surrounded by his team.


This week, with the unexpected announcement made by Governor Koster to postpone the welcome of foreign tourists until the end of the year, we found some inspiration from history when Winston Churchill said “Never let a good crisis go to waste”!

Why not applying this paradoxical statement to our current situation? This is what we try to do by intensifying our promotion in favor of the domestic market including expatriates at very competitive rates. Our hope was to return slowly but surely to normal after Sept 11th, hope unfortunately nipped in the bud.

So now, let’s open our doors to domestic travellers. West Bali and Dajuma have never been so beautiful and attractive!


This week, to complete our July 20th post, Dajuma officially received from the Indonesian authorities a certificate of compliance attesting the respect of hygiene rules all around the resort, aimed at protecting our guests and our staff from the covid 19.

The return to normal is now approaching. Being announced by the Governor of Bali for September 11th with the reopening of Bali Airport to international flights, it was essential to reinforce our internal hygiene rules by following all the recommendations of the Ministry of Health and the World Health Organisation.

As already explained in our July 20th post, they consist in 6 main measures: hands washing with hydroalcoholic gel, face masks, spray of disinfectant on luggages, check of body temperature, health screening form to be filled during check-in and physical distancing.

A little paradise which becomes safer than ever! When are you back? Airline tickets have never been so cheap!


After only 4 weeks, our “Help Covid” campaign has collected 160 MRp (10711 €)  from 63 contributors including 6895 € via Paypal and 57 MRp by direct transfer on our bank account. Our commitment is to transform your contribution into a credit on your next stay with a 30% bonus.

On top of that our staff also received big rice bags from Melinda, Andrew, Angela and Wolfram.

One million thanks for your generosity. It helps a lot Dajuma going through this terrible pandemic.

Let’s dream we will celebrate together the return to normal soon!


Last week, the Balinese authorities have inaugurated an interesting new concept called « new normal » supposed to succeed to the Corona virus pandemic. It consists of a set of procedures to be applied by all hotels in Bali. It combines both new individual hygiene behaviours with some specific equipment. Among the most important ones are the masks (both face and plexiglass ones), the hydro-alcoholic distributors, the new social greetings, the physical distancing, the body temperature control and a new equipment installed in the parking area consisting in a sink where everybody (guests and staff) entering Dajuma must deeply wash their hands.

At Dajuma, since the beginning in March, we already applied most of these « new normal » procedures ensuring the best protection of the health of our staff and our guests. After 16 weeks of practice and fine-tuning we can now say that we are totally ready for the « new normal », hoping that it will come soon.

We selected some pictures illustrating these changes.

Welcome again at Dajuma in a safe and secure environment which does not hamper the legendary Balinese zest for life!