After only 4 weeks, our “Help Covid” campaign has collected 160 MRp (10711 €)  from 63 contributors including 6895 € via Paypal and 57 MRp by direct transfer on our bank account. Our commitment is to transform your contribution into a credit on your next stay with a 30% bonus.

On top of that our staff also received big rice bags from Melinda, Andrew, Angela and Wolfram.

One million thanks for your generosity. It helps a lot Dajuma going through this terrible pandemic.

Let’s dream we will celebrate together the return to normal soon!


Last week, the Balinese authorities have inaugurated an interesting new concept called « new normal » supposed to succeed to the Corona virus pandemic. It consists of a set of procedures to be applied by all hotels in Bali. It combines both new individual hygiene behaviours with some specific equipment. Among the most important ones are the masks (both face and plexiglass ones), the hydro-alcoholic distributors, the new social greetings, the physical distancing, the body temperature control and a new equipment installed in the parking area consisting in a sink where everybody (guests and staff) entering Dajuma must deeply wash their hands.

At Dajuma, since the beginning in March, we already applied most of these « new normal » procedures ensuring the best protection of the health of our staff and our guests. After 16 weeks of practice and fine-tuning we can now say that we are totally ready for the « new normal », hoping that it will come soon.

We selected some pictures illustrating these changes.

Welcome again at Dajuma in a safe and secure environment which does not hamper the legendary Balinese zest for life!


Dear Friends of Dajuma,

Thanks to the commitment and dedication of our staff, Dajuma has been able to stay open for the past 3 months by offering a full service to our rare customers from 7:00 am to 11:00 pm.

We were hoping to return to normal in July and forget about this devastating pandemic. Unfortunately, the most optimistic voices are now predicting a return to normal not before the end of the year, the most pessimistic are even talking about 2021.

So far, we have been able to ensure a decent wage for our 48 employees. With their families, a total of 130 people depend economically on Dajuma, not to mention dozens of local suppliers, fishermen, farmers, breeders, workers, tradespeople. Apart from a few bags of rice distributed to the staff, the government has made no provision to help businesses in Bali.

In this context, we urgently need your help.

Whatever the amount of your contribution, it will be credited to your next stay with a 30% bonus and no limit in time.

On behalf of the entire staff of Dajuma, we are very grateful to you for what you can do for us, knowing that the situation is not flourishing in your country either.

We hope to see you again soon in our little paradise. In the meantime, take good care of yourselves.

I Komang Alit Jelantik
I Kade Rondy Ginawan
General Managers


Thank you very much
Terima kasih banyak!

Thank you Andrew and Melinda!

Dajuma was fortunate to receive this week several bags of rice donated by Andrew and Melinda to our staff to help them overcome this difficult period. This young couple has been a client and friend of Dajuma for years. They celebrated their wedding at the hotel in May 2018 and have remained in contact with us since then. This gesture touched us a lot and we don’t have words strong enough to thank them. We will celebrate their return as soon as possible after the pandemic has ended. A million thanks!

On the picture, from left to right, Agus (Front Desk), Imam (Housekeeping) and Eddy (Restaurant) receiving the bags. Because of the masks, you can’t see their smiles but they are there!

Why West Bali should be on your travel list after the pandemic

Being quarantined for couple of months might be bring something boredom to yourselves, especially for those who are used to do their activities outside home. Now, there is  a question about what will we do after the pandemic passed over? One of the best thing  is traveling, either domestic or overseas and West Bali must be on your list. Why? Because West Bali with its secret vibration will recharge your energy and soul. This is what Bali used to be, totally authentic beautiful nature and culture. And in the heart of it, Dajuma is the place where to stay! We look forward to welcoming you soon!


It’s not easy to turn a major event like the corona virus crisis into an opportunity. However, this is what we are trying to do by keeping the hotel open, by offering our rare guests all of our services and above all, by preparing for the post-pandemic period.
A new website is thus under construction which should be put online soon, reflecting as much as possible what we are and our commitment to the environment. It is thanks to you, dear customers and friends, that for almost 20 years, we have been able to develop a hotel style based on the 3 principles of the Balinese philosophy: harmony with the Gods, with nature and between people.
Now, we dream to come back to the pre-crisis occupancy as shown in the 2 photos of the new terrace of our Rama restaurant: the first was taken this week, the second on New Year. Hopefully our dream come true quickly!


This week, we were lucky to welcome a few guests, happy to swim in our pools without worrying about the distancing rules. Still far from returning to normal, but good in any case for morale!
The other good news is the status of the pandemic in Bali: on May 16, there are only 99 active cases out of 346 in total, with 243 people healed and 4 dead.
An interesting article published by Aljazeera on May 2 finds that there is no visible sign of spread of the pandemic in Bali and wonders about this miracle while the island was still welcoming thousands of Chinese tourists in the beginning of the year. In their investigation, several interesting hypotheses have been put forward that are worth reading.
Either way, Dajuma is holding on thanks to its staff, always as motivated and involved as usual. Simply let us form the wish that all this ends quickly!


For more than twenty years we have been traveling around Bali and have seen the remarkable progress made in terms of environmental protection. Paradoxically, the Covid 19 crisis seems to have further accelerated this trend. All villages have now organized to prevent the spread of the virus with masks and hydroalcoholic gel available everywhere. This will undoubtedly have positive effects on the Covid 19 but also on other pathologies. In our village of Pekutatan, a team of volunteers called “Green Warriors” was created to keep the environment clean and green. Usually, they do general cleaning in the village and beaches. In this pandemic situation, they do spraying (with disinfectant liquid) regularly in the villagers houses, public places and they do it also in our hotel every Saturday. Hopefully this trend will continue when the current pandemic is over!


Thanks to the commitment and dedication of our staff, Dajuma keeps open from 7:00 to 23:00 during this so special Covid 19 period. We found the solution to offer to our very rare guests a full service by splitting our 48 employees in 4 groups of 12 people, each group ensuring the job for 1 week. By doing so, not only we keep open all departments (front desk, restaurant, kitchen, housekeeping, maintenance, garden, laundry, and Spa) but our staff can still work and maintain a good spirit among them – while, of course, respecting the necessary social distancing and wearing a mask. We also installed hydroalcoholic dispensers around the resort at the disposal of our staff and our guests and we regularly check the body temperature with appropriate equipment. All health and safety conditions are thus fulfilled in a setting which remains as idyllic as before the crisis. On the picture, Agus and Astari would love to welcome you!


Dajuma like all other hotels in Bali is facing a major crisis due to the coronavirus pandemic. Our reservations have been dropping drastically as well as our revenue.
In this unusual context, we would like to reach 2 objectives:
1- Convince our guests not to panic by cancelling all their reservations, including those far in time. We already changed our cancellation policy last week by allowing cancellations until the day before the stay and to change the dates of the stay at no extra cost. In spite of these advantageous conditions and without any risk for the customer, reservations even distant in time continue to be canceled and create a certain stress with our staff. The best decision you can make if you are desirous to help us is definitively to maintain your reservations as much as possible or change them, but not to cancel them.
2- Keep our staff, their families and our guests in good health: because the impact of the pandemic is still almost inexistant in Bali, most of Balinese people don’t observe enough prevention. So we explained to our staff to be very careful with this virus by applying some simple rules between the staff and also with our guests: keep 1 meter distance with people, always cough in the elbow, do not shake hands, wash regularly hands after touching any object not part of the usual environment, especially metallic ones, limit as much as possible the trips and to meet as few people as possible including the family if not in the same village. By applying these simple rules, hopefully we will drastically reduce the risk of contagion in our preserved West Bali and keep our staff and our guests in good health.
We look forward to welcoming you again soon! Please help us by not cancelling your reservations.