Once again, on the occasion of the New Year, our former customers and friends Bruce and Frances were kind enough to offer our staff a package containing among otherthings, rice, egg, oil and some treats for the kids, the latter one  at the request of their own grandchildren! A nice gift that delights the 45 families of our staff!
They already helped us in 2020, when no one imagined for a moment that the pandemic would still be active until now. Yet this is what happened!
A huge thank you dear Bruce and Frances for this generous gesture! We look forward to seeing you again soon!


The art of floral decoration is practiced on all occasions by all Balinese families. On festive occasions, it takes a special turn with these majestic “panjors” that adorn the roadsides everywhere in Bali. In Dajuma, this beautiful tradition is perpetuated every day, everywhere in the resort with its magnificent flowery basins. In the restaurant each table receives a bouquet that is changed regularly according to the mood of our staff. It brings to the meal a touch of color and scent that enchants our guests. Also regularly, we organize floral decoration workshops where our guests learn how to create complex floral compositions, which combine flowers, wood and bamboo. An experience we would be happy to offer you on the occasion of your next stay!

Happy quarantine at Dajuma for Lucas’s family

Last week, we had the privilege to welcome Lucas’s family. With his wife Lise and young 7 years old son Elan, they plan to live in Bali for some time. Elan will join the famous local Green School. Lucas is one of our loyal guest, he already staid with us 2 years ago with his family, Mr. Russ.

At the beginning, Lucas planned to do the self quarantine at Dajuma from December 29th, 2020 to January 13th, 2021. But when they arrived in Jakarta coming from Singapore, the authorities asked them to do a first quarantine period of 5 days, with 2 PCR tests at the beginning and at the end of the period. All the results being negative, they were allowed to enter Bali on January 1st, 2021 and come to Dajuma to start a new quarantine.

Lucas and family staid for 15 days, they said that they really enjoy their stay with us. They particularly loved the good atmosphere, the quietness and the space, just perfect for quarantine. Elan also liked our tropical garden and the pool slide. They said they will come back. We wish you all the best in your new life in Bali!


This week, with the unexpected announcement made by Governor Koster to postpone the welcome of foreign tourists until the end of the year, we found some inspiration from history when Winston Churchill said “Never let a good crisis go to waste”!

Why not applying this paradoxical statement to our current situation? This is what we try to do by intensifying our promotion in favor of the domestic market including expatriates at very competitive rates. Our hope was to return slowly but surely to normal after Sept 11th, hope unfortunately nipped in the bud.

So now, let’s open our doors to domestic travellers. West Bali and Dajuma have never been so beautiful and attractive!

Thank you Andrew and Melinda!

Dajuma was fortunate to receive this week several bags of rice donated by Andrew and Melinda to our staff to help them overcome this difficult period. This young couple has been a client and friend of Dajuma for years. They celebrated their wedding at the hotel in May 2018 and have remained in contact with us since then. This gesture touched us a lot and we don’t have words strong enough to thank them. We will celebrate their return as soon as possible after the pandemic has ended. A million thanks!

On the picture, from left to right, Agus (Front Desk), Imam (Housekeeping) and Eddy (Restaurant) receiving the bags. Because of the masks, you can’t see their smiles but they are there!


Failing to be able to speak about the news of Dajuma – the hotel being empty – let us give the floor to our dear customers who make us the friendship to visit us regularly, for some of them several times a year. This testimony was sent to us from Australia by email on April 10th:
“My husband & I spent our 50th wedding anniversary in this beautiful place last January. Every person that works there was gentle, caring and exuded peace fullness. The resort was gorgeous, the food wonderful, but it was all the staff that made us smile. The manager went out of his way to make sure we were happy. On our last day we stepped out of our room to the most precious gift of plumeria blossoms in the shape of a heart were on our patio. Word for how we felt for the entire staff.”
One million thanks dear Robin & Robert for your kind words which have enchanted our staff! Please come again soon!


Let’s Natacha talk about her Bali experience:

“When coming from Paris 10 years ago, I discovered another world in Bali, more precisely Dajuma world: it changed my life.
I was more than impressed by the setting of the resort built on a beautiful cape enhanced by fishermen activities and birds, the neighbor praho beach on West bay, the endless wild East beach, the nature at its best which makes you breathing and regenerating. I enjoyed the large Balinese style cottages with private terrasse and garden, the large pools overlooking the oceans, the restaurants and SPA by the sea.
But the most important in my opinion are the people I met there, particularly the regretted Indra whose spirit is still accompanying me today. Also among the staff and in the village, where people are always eager bringing happiness to each other. It made me feel so different. I discovered another part of myself and decided to change of carrer, I am therapist now.
I was really touched by their philosophy ‘Tri Hita Karana’ : Harmony between Humans and Gods, Humans and Nature, Humans themselves.
After 3 vacation stays, I decided to spend 6 months straight at Dajuma in 2013, participating in every ceremony and event. I even travelled to Yogyakarta together with the first Dajuma employees trip. I became familiar to many families around the village. We consider each other like a real family: we share many things, our happiness and sadness, when I am also far away, in France. We don’t like to being separated for a long time.
And I am now again back for 6 weeks, total 54 weeks. I love Bali!”

Terima kasih banyak Natacha for this so touching testimony!


It is something which happens frequently at Dajuma, when our guests are leaving, they like taking a picture with our staff and keeping in touch with us. What is shown this week is a compilation of these pics taken during the month of July. Among them, two dynamic couples Peter and Astrid (top left) and Annette and Marc (bottom left) who are used to visit us regularly. For Peter and Astrid it is twice a year, 26 times in total, an all time high! Thank you, Dear Friends, for sharing the same passion for Dajuma!


Last Friday, our guests (Anna and Robert from the Netherlands) had a great experience with the villagers surrounding Dajuma. The Police in Jembrana Regency together with the authorities of Pekutatan sub-district held an event entitled “Planting a Thousand Trees”, to regenerate forests, keep the sustainability of the forests for the next generations and to prevent the disasters (floods, landslides and droughts). It took place in the forest around Pulukan Village. Authorities invited the representatives from all institutions in the whole Pekutatan sub-districts (students, medical personnel, army, villagers from each village in Pekutatan territory) as well as representatives of tourism industry. We invited our guests to join in the event and they were very excited to be involved. After finished the program we walked along the village, Anna and Robert were very happy to see the real life of Balinese village.


Puri Dajuma has just received two new awards from TripExpert and HotelsCombined. In both cases, the award is based on an in-depth analysis of our situation in terms of satisfaction of our guests and travel industry professionals. HotelsCombined is an Australian-based company which collected 563 reviews about Dajuma leading to a 9.2 out of 10 rating. For its part, TripExpert states that “fewer than 2% of hotels worldwide receive their award which is based on 1 million reviews from 85 publications such as travel guides, magazines, newspapers” .

We are really proud of it and would like to thank all of our staff and partners who, by their dedication and professionalism made it possible. A special thanks to all our guests who took time to report about their experience with Dajuma, always with very kind and touching words!