FAREWELL DEAREST FRIEND EDI Puri Dajuma, Beach Eco-Resort & Spa, West Bali

We were so impressed when we met Edi a few weeks ago. From his own house in Gumbrih village, located ten minutes from Puri Dajuma, this  handsome and friendly young man aged 36,  was taking  care of any wild animal in danger. Of the babies when their parents have been killed like civette babies, of the bats, monkeys or wild cats.
But I Putu Agus Edi Darmawan was before all known as a snake specialist. He joined the rescue snakes organization in Bali. He always helped people around to catch the snakes and release them to their natural habitat in the forest. He also taught the people to identify the snakes, poisonous or not, handle them without killing them. He also spread information about them through a document explaining why snakes are useful in nature, which ones are dangerous or harmless and what to do in case of bite.

Today the West Bali community is very sad because Edi passed away a couple of days ago, bitten by a king cobra at Pangyangan village. It happened  when he fell accidently holding in his hands the snake just captured.
Our sincere condolences to his wife and his fourteen years old daughter. The cremation ceremony will be conducted on Tuesday 19th April 2016.
Goodbye friend, rest in peace


  1. Edwin van Beek

    Very sad indeed. We just saw the Program on tv which highlighted the cause and wish the family and your organisation all the best to deal with this loss.

  2. Andy Blunt

    Also just watched the Steve Backshall nature program “Fierce” on TV, here in the United Kingdom.
    Sorry to hear what happened with Edi, and I hope other people can be inspired by him to continue his valuable work.

  3. stuart webb

    I’m sorry but this just proves how dangerous the snakes are,ironic how he died from the creature he was protecting

    • Granuille

      You’re a complete idiot. The king cobra was proven dangerous long before this poor soul was bitten… this proves nothing that hasn’t been known for a very long time.

  4. Helen Smith

    Very sad. RIP.

  5. PS

    Fu.k. Very sad to hear. A good one gone. Just saw the first episode of Fierce, where it was mentioned at the end.

  6. PS

    @Stuart, I guess no one is denying their dangerousness, especially when handling them, but all those creatures deserve to live, despite them being dangerous.

  7. Wheelybin

    Just watched “fierce ” just shows how unpredictable nature can be. R I P

  8. Garry Deglan

    Kill the damn things. Hate them and a perfectly good human died for nothing.

  9. Curd E.

    Oh, ich habe ihn gerade erst kennen gelernt: über eine Fernsehsendung, die Servus-TV ausgestrahlt hat. Man baut schon in so kurzer Zeit eine Beziehung zu Personen auf, wenn man ein bisschen Feingefühl hat für die Welt, die Tiere und auch Menschen. Besonders aber gegenüber Menschen, die bereit sind, etwas für den Rest der Tier- und Pflanzenwelt beizutragen, die besonders auch für unser Überleben wichtig ist.

    Am Ende der Sendung steht da plötzlich, leider nur kurz eingeblendet, nicht mit Absicht, aber wegen der Überblendung zur Nachfolgesendung, eine Widmung an Herrn Putu Agus. Hätte ich den Beitrag nicht aufgezeichnet, hätte ich ihn auch nicht zurück laufen lassen können um das Geschriebene genauer zu betrachten. Und tatsächlich steht da: „Im Andenken an Edi“, was mich – geschockt – zur Recherche angeregt hat, die mich hierher führte. Leider habe ich den kurzen Textblitzer nicht falsch interpretiert, was mich sehr traurig stimmt.

    Deswegen möchte ich Edis Familie und Freunden meine ehrlich empfundene Anteilnahme aussprechen und erwähnen, obwohl solcher Verlust nicht auszugleichen ist und ein Leben lang schmerzlich wiederkehrt, dass sie sich an Edis gute Tage miteinander erinnern und mit Stolz auf das zurück blicken, was Edi bereit gewesen ist für andere zu tun. Ich wünschte mir auch, dass die Familie von den von seiner Arbeit profitiert habenden Sender und deren Zulieferer Unterstützung erhalten haben bzw. erhalten werden. Hiermit ist auch der österreichische Milliardär gefordert, der mittels seiner Sendung überhaupt erst auf dieses Schicksal aufmerksam gemacht hat.

    Edi, Ruhe in Frieden!

    • Curd (Ruhe friedlich!)

      Korrektur: … profitiert habenden Sendern und …
      Zusatz, damit die Korrektur nicht so langweilig daher kommt:

      Es gibt einen Schmerz,
      der dunkle Ecken erhellt,
      tief in unsren Herzen:

      There is a pain
      Which makes dark corners lighten
      Deeply in our hearts:

      R. I. P. Edi!

  10. Cengiz

    Allah rahmet eylesin

  11. Richard

    So sad.. RIP and thanks for all the good work u did to educate people not to fear snakes.

  12. Mirko

    R.I.P. Thank you for you work from planet earth…..

  13. Madeleine

    Edi did inspiring work. Just saw him on “Fierce”. His memory lives on. RIP

  14. Fuctup

    Gary deglan your an IDIOT no animal deserves to die just because you don’t like them and edi didn’t die for nothing he died doing what needed to be done protecting animals regardless of there ability to kill humans we aren’t the only creatures on planet earth that deserve to live you tosser

  15. Damon

    First time I’ve seen the show here in the USA. I wanted to send my condolences to the family. He passed, doing what he loved. God bless you all.

  16. Willian costa

    2019, Just whatched the TV episode where they captured a king snake that just had eaten another snake, and the notice about Edi and honoring his memory on the credits, would like to let one more Hail from Brasil on his name here, and all his family and friends that look into the nature as he done!

  17. Martha Jo Hubbard

    I just watched a program(FIerce w/Steve Backshall) and Edi had captured a King Cobra…..it was released into the wilds and not around people. Then I see at the end of program it was dedicated to the memory of Edi. To see a man in the prime of life …..it seems such a waste!! But I guess he enjoyed his work or I hope that he did!! I am so sorry for Edi’s wife and daughter!!! Tragic Story!!! Please be aware that I am truly sorry to hear about Edi.

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