Keep BALI clean for the world Puri Dajuma, Beach Eco-Resort & Spa, West Bali

Keep BALI clean for the world

Saturday May 9th, 2015 was a special day in Bali: under the leadership of the army, thousands of Balinese villagers went around all Bali beaches to clean them up. An exceptional moment where people of all ages collected plastic bags and other garbage brought by the sea and the rivers.
The protection of  its exceptional environment is a real concern in Bali. Millions of tourists visit g the island every year and the way the waste is managed by the authorities is still far from what is needed. Among the necessary measures to be taken, the idea to educate and train the villagers is definitely a good one.
This is what Dajuma is doing in various areas: recycling of glass bottles, compost which can eliminate up to  80% of the domestic waste, cleaning of the beach and the surroundings of the hotel every 2 weeks by our own staff, no effluents to the sea, etc.
Hopefully this initiative will be continued in the coming years !

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