Two adorable babies have just been born in Dajuma. The strong boy from Astari, our Front Desk Officer, was born on June 4th. His name is I Putu Radeva Bagastya.
In Bali the names are given according to the rank of birth:
Wayan, Putu, or Gede, for the first male born
Wayan, Putu, or Iluh, for the first born daughter
Made, or Kadek, for the second born (boy)
Made, Kadek, or Nengah, for the second born (daughter)
Nyoman or Komang, for the third born (boy or girl)
Ketut, for the fourth born (boy or girl). From the 5th child we go back to the start …
On Hendra’s side, our restaurant supervisor, it is the royal couplet that the parents have just succeeded with the arrival of an adorable little girl named Ni Made Vania Jovanka, born on the 16th. All our congratulations to the happy parents!

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