This time, it seems that the start of the highway project between Gilimanuk and Denpasar will finally see the light of day in Q4 2021, despite the pandemic crisis.
Concretely, this 95 km project will be divided into 3 sections: the first from our place, Pekutatan, until Soka, the second from Soka to Mengwi badung and the last from Gillimanuk to Pekutatan.
It will radically change the way goods are transported between Java and Bali with a very positive impact on traffic jams and road pollution.
From Dajuma’s perspective, we see this project in a very positive light. Not only will this shorten the journey to the airport to less than an hour but, more importantly for our guests visiting Bali, they will rediscover the beautiful back roads deserted by trucks.
Paradoxically, this highway will allow tourists to rediscover the Bali of yesteryear and at the same time to propel the island into modernity. Just a dream!

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