This time, it seems that the start of the highway project between Gilimanuk and Denpasar will finally see the light of day in Q4 2021, despite the pandemic crisis.
Concretely, this 95 km project will be divided into 3 sections: the first from our place, Pekutatan, until Soka, the second from Soka to Mengwi badung and the last from Gillimanuk to Pekutatan.
It will radically change the way goods are transported between Java and Bali with a very positive impact on traffic jams and road pollution.
From Dajuma’s perspective, we see this project in a very positive light. Not only will this shorten the journey to the airport to less than an hour but, more importantly for our guests visiting Bali, they will rediscover the beautiful back roads deserted by trucks.
Paradoxically, this highway will allow tourists to rediscover the Bali of yesteryear and at the same time to propel the island into modernity. Just a dream!


This week, we experienced a sad event with the stranding of a baby whale shark on the beach of Pekutatan, close to Dajuma. Despite the efforts to put it back in the water it was not possible to save it, as the weight of this animal is phenomenal, being able to reach up to 30 tons and a size of 20 m in adulthood. In almost 20 years of presence in Pekutatan, we have only very rarely experienced this type of event, but each time it is a great emotion when you feel powerless to save such a beautiful animal.

How the villagers of Pekutatan celebrate Independence Day

In August, all Indonesia is keen to comemorate the independence day. Many funny activities were held on this occasion. Having no desire to break with this fine tradition, Pekutatan Village held its own activities, prepared and organised by its villagers. Few days before the independence day, there are some funny games, gate decoration competition using only natural material, Balinese dances performances and many more (see on picture). On August 17th was the formal flag ceremony, with the participation of students from the local schools based in Pekutatan, government officials, police, army and villagers representatives. This year, all the participants of flag ceremony were wearing Balinese traditional dress based on the instruction of the Bali Governor.


Last Friday, our guests (Anna and Robert from the Netherlands) had a great experience with the villagers surrounding Dajuma. The Police in Jembrana Regency together with the authorities of Pekutatan sub-district held an event entitled “Planting a Thousand Trees”, to regenerate forests, keep the sustainability of the forests for the next generations and to prevent the disasters (floods, landslides and droughts). It took place in the forest around Pulukan Village. Authorities invited the representatives from all institutions in the whole Pekutatan sub-districts (students, medical personnel, army, villagers from each village in Pekutatan territory) as well as representatives of tourism industry. We invited our guests to join in the event and they were very excited to be involved. After finished the program we walked along the village, Anna and Robert were very happy to see the real life of Balinese village.

Training of Security Staffs of Hotels & Restaurant in Pekutatan Area

This particular training is regularly held to continuously improve both skills and professionalism in order to perform a quick-and-effective-respond action in their daily duties. This month, the training took place at Dajuma’s Baruna Hall, conducted by Pekutatan Police Department Officers. Though there is no serious safety and security issue raising up in Pekutatan area as one of Bali’s exotic tourism destinations for the past few decades, this important training has an important yet valuable mission to provide the best possible way of giving the security assurance to both tourists and local villagers. On the picture, three gentlemen of Dajuma security team (black safari shirt) were listening carefully each important points of the training given by the senior police officer as the trainer in this session.

Welcome Back dear Agung!

Bali is renowned worldwide for the wealth of its culture, among which dancing is occupying a privileged position.
Each village of the island supports as much as possible a dancing group as well as a gamelan or jegog orchestra. This is the case for the village of Pekutatan which is housing Dajuma.
After an interruption of several months due to a serious health problem, our dear dance professor Agung is back, more dynamic than ever. He launched some years ago in the village  a very successful school which participates in many dance contests around the island and beyond. Dajuma strongly encourages this actvity by welcoming on a regular basis his school on our stage in front of the Rama restaurant.
Here on the picture young villagers, boys and girls directed by Agung. Our guests love to watch this authentic spectacle and sometimes participate in it.

Presidential elections seen from Pekutatan

Following legislative elections earlier this year on April 9th, all Indonesia went to the polls on July 9th to elect its new President. A major event which took place for the seventh time since 1945.
The former President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono being constitutionally barred from seeking a third mandate, two new candidates were competing: Prabowo Subianto and Joko Widodo.
According to the Lowy Institute (, the two candidates are a study in contrasts. Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo, known as Jokowi, is a middle class furniture entrepreneur who served as Mayor of the mid-sized city of Surakarta in Central Java, where he built a consensus for a series good government reforms that attracted nationwide attention. Enthusiasm for his approach in Surakarta propelled him to an upset victory in the capital Jakarta, 500km away, in an election there in 2012.
His competitor is the retired Lieutenant General Prabowo Subianto who leads the Greater Indonesia Movement, or Gerindra, a well-funded party backed by his tycoon brother. Prabowo is a Suharto Era figure who has staged a remarkable political comeback after he left the army in 1998.
The Indonesian elections commission on Tuesday night officially proclaimed Joko Widodo the winner of the  presidential election.
On the picture below, the poll office in Pekutatan the candidates and… the proof of the vote with the auricular finger marked with black ink!

Gandi’s Rajasewala ceremony

Last Monday, our guests (Natacha on the right, with her traditional Kebaya dress) were invited to participate in a special ceremony in Pekutatan village.
Gandi, the son of our chief gardener Anom (smiling with the blue hat on the picture) went through his Rajasewala ceremony, an important ritual in the Hindu religion for all children, boys and girls, reaching 17 years old. The ceremony recognizes the transition from childhood to adulthood. On this occasion, Gandi received the blessing from the Gods, the priest, the family and the village community.
We wish him all the best in his adult life!

Pekutatan beach in the « Jakarta Post » newspaper

Last Monday our beach was enhanced with half a page including five pictures in the « Bali daily »pages. We are happy to share some sentences:
…« Walking along the beach is a liberating experience. The sounds of the incoming waves, the clean air and that expanse of green moss that faithfully hug the rocks will surely convince any visitor they are in a different world.
The beach is a gem not only because of its natural beauty but also due to his position in the island’s history. A boat made of concrete… was constructed to commemorate the landing of Lt. Col. I Gusti Ngurah Raï and his men from East Java… leading the resistance in Bali… It is still the centerpiece of the beach. »…
And a good landmark for sunset pictures?
Read the article

Pekutatan “floating fishing market”

From the cape where Puri Dajuma stretches, one major point of interest is the everyday fishermen activity just besides. The nearby Pulukan river, and the Medewi one at 200 meters west, both going to the bay make it very attracting for the ocean fauna. It is not rare we can even see impressive Manta rays drawn from the sea, but not interesting for the fishermen. By the contrary of the number of excellent kinds of fish, catch from the above colourful traditional “prahos”we can see behind the memorial boat. Fish is then sold directly on the beach, put in insulated boxes and loaded to provide the great Denpasar market and others.