Children Paradise Puri Dajuma, Beach Eco-Resort & Spa, West Bali

Children Paradise

Many of our guests tell us that Dajuma is just like a paradise. It is very kind of them to give such an opinion because it was one of the reasons why we decided 15 years ago to establish the resort in this place, at a time West Bali was just ignored by tours operators, guides… and tourists.
But what makes us so happy today is the way children are spending their time in Dajuma: the combination between sea, beach, garden and pool is just perfect for them. The cape at low tide is like a natural aquatic garden where they can explore the underwater life by looking at the volcanic holes visited by fishes, crabs, corals, shrimps and other seaweeds. And for those parents who need to relax and recover from their busy professional life, we offer a baby sitting service.
On the picture, the gracious Mia, a lovely 5 years girl, is dancing with the ocean on the beach, just before sunrise

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