OFFERINGS TO THE GODS Puri Dajuma, Beach Eco-Resort & Spa, West Bali


Bali is a beautiful island, full of history and culture. Among all its traditions, there is one consisting in making offerings to the gods that surprises most tourists. Three times a day, the Balinese meticulously prepare charming small baskets called “Canang Sari” made from young coconut leaves and filled with rice and flowers. Once prepared these Canang Sari are put in two different places : on the floor to repel evil spirits who live in the sea which is the home to demons and ogres and in temples to thank the good spirits.
But what exactly is the meaning of this ritual?
It gives back what has been given to the people by the Gods. It is a sharing based on gratitude to the richness of life. Offerings appease the spirits and bring prosperity and good health to the family. It is a duty and an honour at the same time, and in Balinese perspective a very natural way to maintain a good relationship between people and spirits.
On the picture, our guest and friend Astrid from Holland, learns how to make these offerings with the attentive help of Anom in charge of the garden at Dajuma.

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