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In Balinese beliefs, each house must have at least one temple which acts as a shield against bad spirits and evils. Dajuma does not escape to this nice tradition: last wednesday our staff decided to organise a ceremony in honor of one of our temple “Penunggun Karang” located in front of the lobby. The ceremony must be held a specific day which name is Budha Kliwon Ugu, all Hindu people in Bali celebrating their temples the same day.
At the end of the ceremony they shared one of the offerings called “Rayunan”. This is a special offering that is made in a big basket which looks like a Balinese Rijsttafel.
From left to richt on the picture: Suarbawa (Housekeeping), Agus (Front desk), Padmi and Leli (Waitresses), Kadek (Priest & Manager), Punya (Security), Putu (Gardener) and, standing up, Gusalit (Assistant GM).

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