The Dajuma family grows! Puri Dajuma, Beach Eco-Resort & Spa, West Bali tisya baby

The Dajuma family grows!

Part of our Front Desk team, Mira is well known from our guests and particularly appreciated because of her always smiling availability and kindness. Her motto is “there is no request by the guest that can not be satisfied and make him happy ». A few days ago, Mira’s family welcome a beautiful 3,8 kg baby called Tisya. Hindu communities in Bali believe that babies in the womb are guarded by four elements, namely amniotic fluid, placenta, blood and umbilical cord. Three of these elements are released when babies are born, but the umbilical cord stays attached for about a week. The release of the rest of the sacred umbilical cord is done on the occasion of a ceremony called “Mepenelahan” which is considered as a purifying ceremony for the baby. On the picture, Mira, Indra (husband), Tiara and Baby Tisya who just finished doing the “Mepenelahan” Ceremony. Welcome Tisya and long life to you!

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