AGUNG VOLCANO SITUATION Puri Dajuma, Beach Eco-Resort & Spa, West Bali Bali Dajuma


Out of 147 volcanoes in total, Indonesia has the largest number of historically active volcanoes (76), its total of 1,171 dated eruptions is only narrowly exceeded by Japan’s 1,274. (

Considered by the Balinese as the center of the world, the very sacred Mount Agung culminates at 3142 m. Its last eruption goes back to 1963, after more than 100 years of slumber.

Puri Dajuma being situated 80 km as the crow flies from Mount Agung the risk of being disturbed by the volcano is very weak.

As long as the Indonesian authorities decide to keep opened Bali’s Ngurah Rai international airport, which is also about 80 km from the volcano and with flights running as normal so far, we are pleased to welcome our guests in the safest and most comfortable way.

In the event of an eruption and ash clouds that could temporarily disrupt air travel, authorities have made preparations for flights to be diverted to seven regional airports, including on Java and Lombok islands. Dajuma being located at only 1h30 from the ferry to Java, it would be easy to get back home by flying from any airport in Java.

We wish you a lovely stay in the island of the Gods!

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