It is now a tradition, Dajuma family had the pleasure to discover Bromo and the city of Surabaya on the occasion of their biannual outing.
3 days vacation dedicated to the discovery of one of the most beautiful sites in the world, the famous caldera of the Bromo volcano and the second city of Indonesia often cited as the economic capital city of the country. Split into two groups of approximately 25 people, they left around 6 p.m., to reach Bromo on sunrise. For most of our staff, this journey was for the first time in their life. Needless to say that the spectacular landscape of Bromo will be kept in their heart for ever. Another 3 hours drive in the comfortable bus especially chartered on this occasion and they reached the hectic and exciting Surabaya where the main monuments and attractions were visited the next days. Everybody came back safely with a large smile on their faces!


This week, we are happy to stage our extraordinary team of gardeners, incredible artists who, day after day, make our 1.5 hectare park a real paradise for the greatest pleasure of our guests, as evidenced by the texts below. Many thanks guys for your talents and commitment!
On the picture from left to right : Gunaya, Umar, Yuliartha, Zikin, Mudita who just finished a new hedge above our main temple.

The Dajuma family grows!

Part of our Front Desk team, Mira is well known from our guests and particularly appreciated because of her always smiling availability and kindness. Her motto is “there is no request by the guest that can not be satisfied and make him happy ». A few days ago, Mira’s family welcome a beautiful 3,8 kg baby called Tisya. Hindu communities in Bali believe that babies in the womb are guarded by four elements, namely amniotic fluid, placenta, blood and umbilical cord. Three of these elements are released when babies are born, but the umbilical cord stays attached for about a week. The release of the rest of the sacred umbilical cord is done on the occasion of a ceremony called “Mepenelahan” which is considered as a purifying ceremony for the baby. On the picture, Mira, Indra (husband), Tiara and Baby Tisya who just finished doing the “Mepenelahan” Ceremony. Welcome Tisya and long life to you!


All our guests and partners know Rondy, our GM in charge of sales and marketing for his competence and kindness. But very few know that he was graduated last year from the Maha Saraswati University with a Bachelor in Economy management. He has been working hard during 3 and a half years, studying every week many hours in parallel of his responsibilities at Dajuma. About his motivation for these studies, he says “I wanted to understand from a theory viewpoint what I was doing in practice every day”. He started working for Dajuma 12 years ago as Front Desk Officer, after a first diploma obtained from the Tourism Academy (Management Pariwisata Indonesia). Step by step he gained experience and new responsibilities until his current position. A trajectory that  summarizes Rondy’s personality, a blend of will, tenacity and intelligence. And modesty… because it took one year to get his approval for the publication of this blog! Congratulations for this outstanding achievement dear Rondy!

English courses at Dajuma

While staying at Dajuma, our staff loves communicating with our guests and reciprocally. Sometimes but rarely in Bahasa Indonesia and of course, mostly in English. So we decided to organise private lessons on a regular basis under the guidance of a professional teacher from the nearby village. Every year we can appreciate the outstanding progresses made by our staff, from the gardeners to the waiters passing by the room boys, the cooks or the security officers. An indispensable way to penetrate the unique Balinese culture…
On the picture from left to right : Adi (Maintenance), Mudita (Garden), Misrin (Security), Ayu (Teacher), Suarbawa (Housekeeping), Sumawa (Garden), Ni Nyoman Wiastini (Teacher), Suarbawa (Housekeeping), Sumawa (Garden).

Cleaning the rubbish around Dajuma

In its eco-policy ( Puri Dajuma pays a lot of attention, among other things, to the cleanliness of its natural environment. Every Friday morning, each department delegates 2 of its staff members to participate in the cleaning of the area by collecting all the rubbish mainly brought by the sea, from the East and West beaches up to the main road. This action is not only in favor of the environment but has also a strong connotation with the Balinese belief system called Tri Hita Karana which is centered on maintaining a harmonious relationship with God, People, and Nature. The philosophy of Tri Hita Karana affirms that happiness, prosperity, and peacefulness are attainable when the three elements of God, Human, and Nature coexist in harmony with each other in everyday life. On the picture, our First Chef Surianta (in orange), our Chief gardener Anom (with the cap) and in the background, behind Surianta, Rondy our Sales & Marketing manager for Asia. An intense moment of solidarity and harmony between our staff and the nature, often shared with our guests!

Dajuma Green hands team

We would like to introduce you Dajuma green hands team: Anom (second from left), is well supported by Gunaya (first from left), Mudita (second from right) and Sunarta. They take good care of our 1.7 Hectares land, where you can find a large variety of species (frangipanier, coral tree, paligata, spider lily, coconut, hibiscus, bougainvilliers, orchidées, roses, corbia, anturium, red palm, peacock tree, ardenium, gardenia, heliconia…). Anom, Gunaya, Mudita and Sunarta make Dajuma tropical garden a real paradise which attracts lot’s of birds and butterflies. In Bali, gardening is experienced as an artistic activity and is transmitted through family everyday life. Our gardeners are also in charge of all temporary decoration in the resort and for special events such as music shows and weddings. Please come and visit this enchanting garden!