Friday night, our guests could hear a nice music in the garden coming from an unusual place close to our Spa. When approaching, they could see an amazing arrangement: the Gazebo entirely decorated for a romantic dinner, closeby, a celebration area also superbly decorated and, between the two, a traditional Rindik orchestra so typical of Bali, composed of 3 players from the surrounding villages.
All this spectacular set-up was arranged by our staff to celebrate the 25th Wedding Anniversary of our guests Mircea & Carmen from Romania. They decided to celebrate it in a little bit unique and different atmosphere in Dajuma. Starting with a blessing wedding ceremony on the beach, then took place the main blessing ceremony, ending up with a romantic dinner accompanied by the traditional Rindik music.
Congratulations dear Carmen and Mircea!


Looking like a leaf fallen from the surrounding trees, we recently inaugurated a new terrace in the garden. With its 80 m2 of benkiraï wood, it is the ideal place where to savor cocktails and balinese tapas in the sunset. But not only : it is also a perfect observatory of the wild life of the cape where hundreds of birds are used to fish between two tides. Hope you will like it !


One outstanding feature of Balinese culture, among many others, is the quality of its food. Everywhere in the island, from the modest “warung” up to the most trendy restaurants, the food is just delicious. Some specialties are particularly appreciated by the visitors. Gado gado, ayam betutu, babi guling, rijstafel, tum bali, soto ayam, crispy duck, nasi goreng and beef rendang revisited in the Balinese way are some of these Balinese dishes which enchant the palate.
With its 8 cooks team, Dajuma offers 4 different dining experiences: the Rama restaurant serves a variety of Asian and Western food, the Sinta Lounge offers its unique teppanyaki Japanese tabletop, while the Bendega grill proposes tapas plates in the Balinese way. Not to be missed also are these romantic dinners on the beach.
On the picture our brigade with, from left to right, Swadewi, Tri, Udiana, Rudi, Sabtu, Suryanta (Executive Chef) and Wayan. Missing on the picture Dedy.


Is there a more romantic place on earth where to celebrate the Valentine’s day than Dajuma? Our Chef has prepared a special menu on this occasion and our garden team is ready to welcome you in one of our 3  locations especially decorated in a so romantic way: in our Gazebo (picture), in the garden or directly on the beach. A dedicated butler will take care of you  all along the dinner. Impossible to miss!


Where is the best place  to unwind during summertime after a long and hectic professional year? The answer is definitively here at Dajuma, far from the hustle and bustle of big cities, where our staff will have thousands of attentions to make your stay unforgettable.
Let’s take an example of a perfect day in paradise: wake-up in the morning not too late to see the dawn while strolling on the beach for one hour. Around eight, time for breakfast in the garden just in front of the spectacular cape where hundreds of birds are playing with the tide. After that, it’s time for activities such as yoga, sporting or touring around the nearby authentic West Bali. After the lunch taken in one of our 3 restaurants perhaps would you like to make a break like this nice lady on the picture or join our wellness center for a revigorating massage. The dusk coming around 6:30 p.m. it is time to savor a delicious cocktail  before dining in a romantic atmosphere either on the beach or in front of one of our Teppanyaki cook. A day fully occupied, perfectly balanced between physical and cultural activities, where the master word is “relax”!


Another beautiful tradition in Dajuma consists in sophisticated floral decorations which are prepared by all the staff on the occasion of specific events such as anniversaries, honey moons, romantic dinners, wedding ceremonies and Balinese shows on stage.
Most of the staff on duty participates in the preparation of these nice decorations. Here on the picture, is Suadewi, one of our kitchen supervisors, who knows as well how to assemble beautiful  floral compositions and prepare savorous dishes!


Dajuma welcomes every year many honeymooners and other guests celebrating specific events. One must say that the location as well as the garden of the resort are particularly suited for celebrations : nice rooms delicately decorated with flowers, romantic dinners in the garden or on the beach and a lot of attention of our staff,  all this creates a warm atmosphere around the guests who celebrate their honeymoon or another important anniversary.  On the picture, a nice decoration made of natural flowers  gently disposed on the bed awaits honeymooners in their room. You should try!