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We are pleased to introduce our new video 2019. Based on a survey with our guests, it focuses this year on the imaginary or, to be more specific, on how we dream Bali before going there, according to his tastes and desires. We hope you like it! Feel free to give us your opinion. It will be very useful for the 2020 edition.

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This is good news for our guests: the optical fiber has been installed up to our resort and works very well, complementing an already existing 4g telecommunications system!
Who could imagine a few years ago that these 2 latest technologies would be available so quickly in this part of Bali? It is done now making our guests very happy. With a ping around 5 ms and download / upload speeds in the range of respectively 20 and  5 Mbps, all Internet resources are available, including video streaming and demanding file transfers. Another good reason to stay with us!

Tag Archive for: video