On Saturday, April 3rd, 2021, the Indonesian Bartender Association organised at Anjungan Cerdas Rambut Siwi a contest of the best cocktail. 15 participants from local hotels were the competitors. One of our bar tenders, Erik, represented Puri Dajuma in that event. The challenge launched to the competitors was to create an original cocktail with only local ingredients including the famous arak Bali. Erik named his creation “Mebarung” and was the happy winner of the competition. On the picture, Erik is on the left. For sure this new cocktail will enrich our cocktails list and hopefully be appreciated by our guests. Congratulations dear Erik!


Due to the richness of its terroir and its history, Balinese cuisine is renowned for its extreme variety and tasty specialties.
In Dajuma our chefs are used to sharing their know-how… and their cooking secrets… with our customers. Just make an appointment, put on the apron and work with them for a while. You will learn how to make these flavorful sauces from the spices of the island and cook some of the local specialties that have made Bali’s culinary reputation. You will be really surprised by the inventiveness of this cuisine!

Dajuma Experience: Genuine Balinese Food

One of our “Dajuma Experiences” particularly appreciated by our guests is a lunch in the pure Balinese tradition. We prepare this unique experience on the occasion of our farming and plantation tours. For the farming tour, the lunch takes place in the middle of the rice fields as shown on the picture, whereas, for the plantation one, the pique-nique is held in the mountain with a breathtaking view of the ocean. In both cases, the food is prepared and cooked by our local friends from the nearby villages. The various foods that are served are really like what the local people are serving at home for their family. In the rice farming tour the dishes are presented in the “Kubu” (small gazebo) and guest really enjoy a delicious lunch with beautiful scenery and fresh air of the rice terraces. When do you plan to come over?


Dajuma is located just next door the fishermen village of Pekutatan. Every morning, our guests can assist to the return of these beautiful prahos which spent all the night long trying to catch fish and seafood. It is a rare moment of sharing with these courageous fishermen who are always happy to talk to our guests, and sometimes invite them to fish. Our cooks are also ready to cook their fresh catch for the greater enjoyment of our guests. Another unique Dajuma experience is’nt it?


The delicate and colorful Balinese cuisine is something worth to discover when visiting Bali. Many of our guests are often asking the question « How do you make these tasty dishes? What is the secrets of your recipes? » The best way to answer this question is of course by practicing. We recently inaugurated a new way of discovering the secrets of Balinese cuisine by cooking on the beach on charcoals exactly like in the village. On the picture a young guest Tom is learning from Udiana and Surianta how to prepare these delicious bamboo sate. Selamat makan!

Internships at Dajuma: preparing the future…

Recently opened in 2013, the Hotel School of Pekutatan welcomes every year a lot of students who are eager to embrace one of the numerous and exciting jobs of the tourism industry.
Part of the 3 year learning process is a 2 months internship every year, as assistant in a hotel. Dajuma is glad to welcome every year these motivated students. Here on the picture, Suci, Sri and Purnami, 3 of them acting in the kitchen with their adorable black tie. We wish you all the best for the future!

Cooking class at Dajuma

Among the numerous facets of Balinese culture, the food diversity and quality occupies a particular importance. Who never tried the famous Babi Guling (Grilled Pork) or the Ayam Betutu (Chicken stuffed with herbs and spices) probably missed something!
At Dajuma, our 7 cooks brigade is always happy to welcome guests willing to discover the secrets and spiced flavors of the Bali’s cuisine. Classes offer a fascinating introduction into the exotic ingredients and unique culinary heritage of Bali. They provide a valuable insight into the various techniques of food preparation and the cooking style used in our island homes.
On the picture our guest Markus learning how to prepare Beef Garlic Butter and Green Curry Chicken, taught by our cook supervisor Made Swadewi.

Dajuma cooking lessons

Our Rama restaurant has been delighting our guests’ senses for the last 10 years. Gastronomers appreciate our talented chef who prepares any tasty specialty ranging from typical Balinese food to Western favorites. As cooking is definitely part of the Balinese culture, our Chef invites anyone willing to share his talents with him through free of charge cooking lessons. The cooking trainees are only requested to select from the menu the dish they would like to prepare. Then, the Chef looks after the supplies and supervises the ‘trainees’ who later enjoy their ‘home’ made meal from the restaurant terrace standing in the tropical garden along the beach with breathtaking views to the ocean’s tides running back and forth on Dajuma’s cape.