Did you ever dream of a bathroom totally open to nature where you can enjoy flowers, banana and coconut trees during the day and millions stars after the sunset when you are taking your shower? This is one feature of our resort to offer this pleasure to our guests. Pleasure which is particularly appreciated. Depending on your accommodation choice, cottages or villas, you will find the same equipment but with different decorations: 2 basins, 1 suspended smart toilet, 1 open air shower, 1 bathtub and 1 or 2 wardrobes. On the picture a glance of what you will find on your next visit! The picture was taken from our 1 bedroom villa Bendega Surya C.


If there is one thing to bring to the Hall of Nautical Games, it’s definitely the toboggan! Everybody remembers from the childhood the mix of fear and exitement when one discovered for the first time this slope full of water. This is exactly what our guests are saying about out slide linking the 2 pools of our Bendega swimming pool. Kids and parents enjoy a lot this unusual pool with its 45 meters long swimming lane, suspendend whirlpool tub and the famous slide. Not to be missed next time you decide to visit us!


We have something unique in our garden which has a very special importance for Hindu’s people in Bali. It is a tree called “Bila”. In Balinese Hindu’s tradition, almost all of the plants (or part of it) are being used as a means for praying or making an offering.

Shown on the picture is our “Bila” tree in front of Villa Soka, we have this tree in other area of our garden too. This tree called “Bila” in Balinese and “Maja” in Bahasa Indonesia. Bila tree is related to Siwaratri Day or the night of Lord Shiva. On Siwaratri Day the Hindu people in Bali are used to make a “Kwangen” (one of means in praying) using the Bila’s leaf. There is a mythological story behind using this leaf in Siwaratri night. The story is about the life of a hunter named Lubdaka, which got a blessing from Lord Shiva after spending a whole night in the forest. In the darkest night (night of Lord Shiva), to fight against his fear and keep him awake, Lubdaka pluck Bila’s leaves and throw the leaves one by one into the lake, and, unwittingly the leaves fall on the stone which is the Shiva Linnga or the symbol of Shiva. Because of what he did in the forest, after his death, Lubdaka’s spirit were blessed by Lord Shiva.


Our guests often refer in their comments to the lush garden of Dajuma, qualified as “manicured garden”. It is not only true for its 1,5 ha which surrounds the villas, but also the case for the private gardens which are facing the entrance of our Bendega villas. The idea came one year and a half ago from our GM Alit to make growing different species, fruit on the West side and flowers on the East side of the Bendega villas. The result after a few months if just astonishing. Can you imagine, when opening the door of your room in the morning, having view on passion fruit, mangoes, papayas and dragon fruits, just for you? On the picture, our colleague Leli checks the maturity of a passion fruit in front of Sari C. Don’t miss it next time you decide to visit us!


My name is Aristide and I am only 6 months old.
My father loves surfing the Medewi wave near Dajuma but he is also taking good care of me.
What I love above all is to have a little nap on my surf board in the Bendega pool.
My father says that it will make me a good surfer in some years. Aahhh what a beautiful life!


Every dusk is a delight at Dajuma with breathtaking sunsets ! The resort being on a cape oriented full west, one can see stunning sunsets from almost any area with different angles. What a show to see the local fishermen pushing their prahos to the sea and preparing themselves to spend the night fishing offshore!
On the picture, the view we have from our brand new Bendega restaurant. Just beautiful!


Last Friday took place the inauguration of our new Bendega villas in a very warm and friendly atmosphere. Our main partners, suppliers, neighbours, officials and friends who are supporting Dajuma since the beginning of our venture in 2002 were present on this occasion. After a welcoming dance performed by the dancers of the school of Pekutatan, our kitchen team prepared a buffet made of delicious tapas in the « Balinese way » on the pool deck overlooking the ocean while the kids of our guests were jumping and sliding in the 60 m long overflowing swimming pool. Just to give you an idea about the new villas: 70 workers have been working on this project over a period of 18 months, the concrete of the huge pool was cast with 750 m3  in less than one day, almost 100’000 iron wood  tiles were installed on the roofs, 150 m of decorative wood was carved above the windows and the doors… A wonderful achievement in the pure respect of our natural environment!

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Our Bendega Villas will officially open their doors on May 1st but our guests could not wait until then and decided to test the water slide connecting the 2 new pools immediately. A nice moment of relax reminding our childhood! With its 45 m lane leading to a first 16 x 8 m basin and a whirlpool tub, the water slide connects to another basin located 2,5 m below. A nice waterfall overflows from the whirlpool tub to the second basin. In total 570 m3 of prestine water flowing continously by gravity exactly like a natural river, which saves a lot of energy.


With 12 new luxurious rooms organized in 4 villas around a 60 m swimming corridor leading to an aerial whirlpool tub, a waterfall and a 300 m2 pool deck, our Bendega Villas (Bendega means “Fishermen” in Balinese) will be ready for the grand opening planned on May 1st, 2016.
Oriented full west, adjoining directly the cottages on top of the property, they are perfectly integrated into the property while offering a different view of the Indian ocean.
We applied the most stringent environmental rules for this project: double insulation of the roofs, special air to soil heat exchanger replacing the traditional airconditioning system, rain water collection, energy savings, wastewater treatment.
We also decided to choose a very unusal architecture combining comfort and originality while respecting the Balinese tradition.
We hope our valued guests will appreciate this extension and enjoy breathtaking views of the ocean and the nearby fishermen.
Welcome to Bendega villas!