Dajuma at the front-page of GreenPearls Newsletter Puri Dajuma, Beach Eco-Resort & Spa, West Bali

Dajuma at the front-page of GreenPearls Newsletter

Since 6 years, Dajuma is member of Greenpearls community. Year after year, this German company built a network of tourism professionals by carefully selecting after an in-depth audit, those really committed to the protection of their natural and cultural environment. Regularly, Greenpearls publishes the unique stories of its partners for whom environmental protection and social equity governs everyday operation.
This month we are happy to be in the spotlight of Greenpearls Newsletter together with West Bali. It perfectly reflects the spirit of this part of Bali, particularly appreciated by the visitors for its beauty and authenticity. Thank you Greenpearls to help us promoting this hidden gem!
In English http://www.greenpearls.com/newsroom/en/insiders-tip-west-bali-puri-dajuma
In German https://www.travel4news.at/139715/geheimtipp-west-bali-der-unbekannte-diamant-der-insel

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