It did not happen for some months, a joyful party took place in Dajuma last week to celebrate the 50th Kellie’s birthday. 18 adults and 10 kids, mostly originated from USA, Australia, UK, Columbia, all being expats living in Bali for years, did participate in the party. But the best is to leave Kellie comment with inspiration the extraordinary situation we are going through: “I feel fortunate that my family can be here right now. Bali is a good place to be during the pandemic. The world is under stress, and Bali too, but here we (everyone) can take the time to slow down and start planning a better routed future. I hope that is the case. My family has been enjoying more places like Dajuma during these quiet times, we have spent time getting to better know our neighbors and community members. It is an excellent time to shop locally and support our communities. There is no place I would rather be.” Happy birthday Dear Kellie!

How the villagers of Pekutatan celebrate Independence Day

In August, all Indonesia is keen to comemorate the independence day. Many funny activities were held on this occasion. Having no desire to break with this fine tradition, Pekutatan Village held its own activities, prepared and organised by its villagers. Few days before the independence day, there are some funny games, gate decoration competition using only natural material, Balinese dances performances and many more (see on picture). On August 17th was the formal flag ceremony, with the participation of students from the local schools based in Pekutatan, government officials, police, army and villagers representatives. This year, all the participants of flag ceremony were wearing Balinese traditional dress based on the instruction of the Bali Governor.


Friday night, our guests could hear a nice music in the garden coming from an unusual place close to our Spa. When approaching, they could see an amazing arrangement: the Gazebo entirely decorated for a romantic dinner, closeby, a celebration area also superbly decorated and, between the two, a traditional Rindik orchestra so typical of Bali, composed of 3 players from the surrounding villages.
All this spectacular set-up was arranged by our staff to celebrate the 25th Wedding Anniversary of our guests Mircea & Carmen from Romania. They decided to celebrate it in a little bit unique and different atmosphere in Dajuma. Starting with a blessing wedding ceremony on the beach, then took place the main blessing ceremony, ending up with a romantic dinner accompanied by the traditional Rindik music.
Congratulations dear Carmen and Mircea!

Indonesian Independence Day & Negara City Anniversary

To celebrate the independence day on August 17th, Puri Dajuma is used to decorate the lobby and the main gate with red and white ornaments, the colors of the Indonesia flag. All the people in the villages or in the cities are very happy to celebrate the independence day. For Jembrana’ society, August is not only the Nation month but also a special month with the celebration the Negara City Anniversary. Many activities are held such as Fun Games, Industrial and craft exhibition, Art performances, Kite festival and Cultural Parade. All these activities are running during August. Not to be missed during your stay!


This year in Bali, the month of August will be particularly busy in terms of commemorations. Three important anniversaries will be celebrated: Indonesia’s Independent Day on August 17th, Bali’s Anniversary on August 14th and finally Jembrana’s Anniversary on August 15th. A few days before the commemorative day, the government is used to organise several activities which are carried out from the village level up to the National level. On July 28th, the government in Pekutatan sub-district organised an exciting endurance race gathering all the elementary schools in Pekutatan, each school presenting two groups (Male and Female), each group consisting in 17 students. The committee of this event is looking for the best group (male and female) and the winner will participate in the same event at the regency level. Good luck guys!


Recently, our guest and friend Sam from Plymouth in the UK has been invited to give a speech on the occasion of the anniversary of the Pekutatan Tourism School. He was very pleased to provide some guidance to the students and explain from the viewpoint of the guest what is important in a hotel in terms of service and relationship with the staff. Sam and his wife Tery are both nurses at the public hospital of Plymouth and used to spend their holidays, a few weeks every year, at Puri Dajuma.  The best and useful way to convey the “voice of the customer” to these future hotel staff. Terima kasih banyak Sam!


Another beautiful tradition in Dajuma consists in sophisticated floral decorations which are prepared by all the staff on the occasion of specific events such as anniversaries, honey moons, romantic dinners, wedding ceremonies and Balinese shows on stage.
Most of the staff on duty participates in the preparation of these nice decorations. Here on the picture, is Suadewi, one of our kitchen supervisors, who knows as well how to assemble beautiful  floral compositions and prepare savorous dishes!


Dajuma welcomes every year many honeymooners and other guests celebrating specific events. One must say that the location as well as the garden of the resort are particularly suited for celebrations : nice rooms delicately decorated with flowers, romantic dinners in the garden or on the beach and a lot of attention of our staff,  all this creates a warm atmosphere around the guests who celebrate their honeymoon or another important anniversary.  On the picture, a nice decoration made of natural flowers  gently disposed on the bed awaits honeymooners in their room. You should try!

Happy 80 Years

Dajuma is a great place to bring family together to immortalize a special moment. One of the latest was the 80th Birthday of Mister Bohre. His 4 sons together with their wife’s and grandchildren asked Dajuma to prepare a private evening. At low tide the beach is one of the perfect place to arrange a table decorated by our gardeners and maintenance staff. Gambalan music was played and young dancers performed for the family. All were delighted. Long life to Mister Bohre.

Puri Dajuma 10 Years Anniversary

What a memorable moment, Dajuma‘s 10 year anniversary! The day was filled with great surprises and touching moments. The entire Dajuma family was reunited to share, live and participate to this milestone. Our gardeners took up the challenge of creating the special atmosphere you can only find in Dajuma: a mix between tradition, international guests in an outstanding sunset scenery. Traditional delicacy was prepared by our dedicated chefs, all the staff was together taking care of every detail, alumni from the neighboring school danced, sung and played Jegog (bamboo) music for the best entertainment experience in West Bali. The entire village attended the event together with our guests way after the 12h00am mark. Waking up next morning was like emerging from a dream. A dream that could be experienced only once in a life time. Happy 2013 to all who helped to make Dajuma an example of friendship, fraternity and professionalism of eco-tourism! To our future guests we can’t wait to have you with us and participate in the writing of the next milestone of Dajuma.