From November 10 to 20, like every 210 days, Bali celebrates the Balinese New Year with 2 major highlights called Galungan (November 10) and Kunigan (November 20). During this festive period, all the gods of Bali, including Supreme Deity Sanghyang Widi, descend to earth to celebrate the creation of the universe and the victory of good over evil. The Balinese believe that their ancestors came back to earth to participate in the festivities, have fun, and enjoy the offerings.
To prepare Galungan, 6 days before, the Balinese carry out 2 purification rituals called Sugihan Jawa and Sugihan Bali. Sugihan Jawa has nothing to do with the island of Java and is called so because it was a tradition that originated from the Majapahit Empire. On this day, the Balinese present offerings to “cleanse” the universe (Bhuana Agung / Macrocosm) and usually come to the temples of the village (three main temples) to pray.
5 days before Galungan on a Friday, it is the Sugihan Bali ritual. It’s similar to Sugihan Jawa, but this time the Balinese “cleanse” themselves (Bhuana Alit / Microcosm) and pray at home. Both of these ceremonies are really important to do, indicating that we are ready to welcome Galungan with a clean and holy nature and spirit. In the photo, the majestic “penjors” which adorn the streets for Galungan. A masterpiece of beauty and spirituality!

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