HAPPY GALUNGAN & KUNINGAN! Puri Dajuma, Beach Eco-Resort & Spa, West Bali culture decoration


On November 1st, Bali will celebrate the day of Galungan, which commemorates the triumph of Dharma over Adharma, or good against evil. Second in significance after the Nyepi or Saka New Year, this observance comes twice a Gregorian year, as the Balinese use a 210-day calendar system known as the Pawukon that is the basis for their daily rituals, temple anniversaries and holidays. The festivities will end with Kuningan celebration on November 11th. Bamboo poles decorated with young coconut leaf decorations will line the streets all over Bali. Series of sacred dance performances and rituals, with pilgrims attending from all over the island, will take place on these occasions. A very unique cultural experience not to be missed!
On the picture, our guest Janett from Germany discovers the beauty of these decorations in the traditional market of Negara. Happy Galungan and Kuningan!

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