CULTURAL PARADE OF WEST BALI Puri Dajuma, Beach Eco-Resort & Spa, West Bali


Last week, a few kilometers from Dajuma, took place in Negara, the capital city of the Regency of Jembrana, a cultural festival giving the opportunity to all surroundings villages to celebrate Balinese traditions, among them the clothing is particularly important.
The highlight of the event was on September 1st with the Annual Cultural Parade of West Bali involving various artists not only from Jembrana but also from other regencies in Bali, some of them also came from Java.
This year the government invited the tourism associations to involve the tourists to be the part of the parade. This is what happened to our guests so excited to participate in this event and get a chance to wear the traditional Balinese clothes.
On the above picture (left to right) beautifully dressed: Aron, Antje, Laurenz, Sofia, Youssef, Dayu, Andreas and friend of Andreas. You look great guys!

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