HAPPY NEW YEAR! SELAMAT TAHUN BARU! Puri Dajuma, Beach Eco-Resort & Spa, West Bali 1


The festivities of this end of the year were particularly warm in Dajuma. Around a delicious buffet with its traditional Baby Guling and Ayam Betutu and 3 orchestras including 2 traditional (Gamelan and Jegog) a young dance troupe (photo), all children of the surrounding villages, have interpreted the beautiful story of Rama and Sinta inspired by Ramayana. On the 12 strokes of midnight, the guests exchanged their vows on the stage while striking the famous kul kul (a piece of bamboo sounding like a bell when hit by a stick) under a magnificent fireworks display. The band Bagus from Negara closed the evening with Linda, a wonderful singer in live. The year 2017 really got off to a good start!
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