Dajuma Cooperation with the new University in Jembrana Puri Dajuma, Beach Eco-Resort & Spa, West Bali

Dajuma Cooperation with the new University in Jembrana

Jembrana is the name of the Regency where Puri Dajuma is located. Covering most of the territory of West Bali, including Bali National Park, this regency is renowned for the beauty of its landscapes, the wealth of its culture and the diversity of its flora and fauna. Jembrana is also  developping rapidly from an economical and touristical point of view. Recently a new University called Community College Jembrana was inaugurated. Puri Dajuma is honored to participate in the development of the touristical branch of the University by welcoming students for in-the-field interships.
On the picture, Erly our HR Manager and Rondy our Sales and Marketing Manager receive from the University executives, as symbol of our cooperation, a beautiful statue showing the famous Starling Bird, this magic but so rare bird from West Bali. Long Life to Community College Jembrana!

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