25 new dishes in Dajuma Main Menu Puri Dajuma, Beach Eco-Resort & Spa, West Bali

25 new dishes in Dajuma Main Menu

Puri Dajuma built its reputation over the years, in particular on the quality and inventivity of its cuisine. Two years ago a second restaurant was successfully launched in the resort (Sinta Lounge) with a Japanese Teppanyaki particularly appreciated by our guests. 2014 starts strong ! Under the supervision of our First Chef Surianta, our 6 cooks brigade has decided to introduce in our main menu 25 new dishes, carefully selected and tested. Their inspiration came from local specialties as well as from best-sellers from India and Thaïland. An explosive cocktail which will delight your palate. Just a few of them to make your mouth water : chicken cakes with sweet chili sauce, minced chicken salad, garlic beef & basil, steamed fish & vegetables, pork peanut curry, cheese naan, mille-feuille pancake, sweet kasava, …
From left to right our cooks brigade : Swadewi, Putu, Udiana, Rudi, Sabtu, Surianta (First Chef) and Wayan.

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