Perancak turtle conservation

Perancak – Turtle Conservation

The harbour of Perancak shelters two outstanding activities : traditional fishing and sea turtle conservation. Several conservation centers exist around Bali. Perancak conservation center was initiated by WWF in 1997 at a time where fishermen were used to catch turtles for ritual and commercial purposes. Today, the conservation center is run entirely by the Perancak community : the villagers from West Bali collect the eggs left behind by a mother turtle and give them to Nyoman’s team of 4 passionate turtle protectors. Each turtle leaves around 100 eggs from which 65% to 70% are kept in a nursery for approximatively two months, the period of time necessary to make them stronger. They are then released for a long and perilous journey in the ocean. Only one out of one thousand released turtles will reach maturity and come lay eggs at the same place as they were born 30 years ago. No need to say that tourists and local individuals need to know that huge challenge ! Dajuma has been supporting this turtle conservation center for the past two years and helped get tourists of all age sensitive to the topic.

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