Wood carving is one of the ancestral art praticed in Bali by skilled carvers trained in numerous schools in the island.
In Pekutatan, we are lucky enough to have some of them happy to share their know-how with our guests once a week, for an unforgettable “wood carving experience”. This is what happened this week to Anne and Maja from Sweden who were able to carve their names by themselves under the attentive guidance of the master carver Gede Budiarsa. A good memory of Bali to be brought back home!


Graduated from the Carver’s School of Tabanan, Agus is one of our local suppliers who takes care of all our decorative carvings in the purest Balinese tradition. After having completed the carving of 145 meters above the doors and windows of our Bendega villas last May (see picture below), he is used to come every friday at Dajuma to show to our guests his know-how by carving in front of them. Here on the picture he shows one of his new creation, a mythic bird which will decorate one of our rooms or maybe will be bought by one of our guests. Agus is also the brother of our lovely Padmi, waiter in our restaurants. We love what you are doing Agus!


Jembrana is the largest regency in Bali, mainly known for its wild nature and its National Park.
It still hides a lot of gems in terms of Balinese culture, apart from any tourism industry.
One of them is Made Agus Martika, who decided to become a traditional wood carver at 16.
After he finished his SMK 3 years cursus in the famous International Gambeh school close to Tabanan 13 years ago, he began to work in Pekutatan.
You will not miss the so fine and long carvings he realized for the Bendega villa programme in Puri Dajuma, just using a set of blades together with a big square wood hammer.
Which is 146 meters of carved wood, enhancing every window, door and bay window, some of them so long that he had to wait to get the appropriated wood.
Agus is Padmi’s brother, our highly appreciated waitress in the restaurants: happy parents!

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Wood carving in Bali

For those who appreciate the Balinese Art, it is impossible to remain indifferent to the beauty of the carvings found everywhere around the island.
Who not remained fascinated by observing the delicate work of woodcarvers who, with makeshift tools, are able to make masterpieces that adorn houses, temples and  hotels in Bali.
On the picture, the carving in our Rama restaurant, one of the many wood carvings that decorate Dajuma. It was  made  by the cousin of our director.
When asked the question: “What are your sources of inspiration?”, the answer is : “Nature and Imagination”.
As simple as that!